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image thumb71 Xbox Lives Comes To Windows Phone 7: Will It Compete Well With PSP Phone And the iPhone?

So it isn’t just Sony gearing up to bolster the Xperia X10 with power gaming by combining it with PSP [or something] to challenge iPhone 4 supremacy as a powerful gaming device. Reports today state that Microsoft is doing the same with it Windows Phone 7. Of course they aren’t putting the entire Xbox 360, but those of you who are fans of both Windows Mobiles and the Xbox be prepared to embrace Xbox Live on your Windows powered devices. Talk about a whole new dimension to mobile gaming shaping up pretty quickly.

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image thumb65 Opera releases Opera Mobile 10 for Windows Mobile

While it has been out for other mobile OS, Opera has today released Opera Mobile 10 for Windows Mobile based devices. There are no tweaks or a difference in any manner about the browser and is similar to the version released for the Symbian based devices. But the overall appearance is much improved as had been said earlier and is much faster to work with. Plus the Turbo mode does an impressive job by speeding up browsing by compressing pages on its servers.

image thumb103 Microsoft doesnt want to compete with anyone but itself in Mobile OS, to roll our Windows Mobile 6.5 and 7 together

It’s tough to live up to the challenge, especially if you are tipped against the innovation of the Android and the iPhone. Microsoft knows how tough it is and has taken its strategy to a different level as it plans to release two platforms to compete with Android and iPhone separately. Its Windows Mobile 6.5 will be for the Android while WinMo 7 will move head on to challenge iPhone. Come again please, what exactly is the purpose? I would have rather gone with all my bits and pieces after a newer version and forgotten about the traditional OS it has been offering. On the contrary, version 6.5 doesn’t look all that dry compared to the previous versions and it might just offer the right stuff for the many smartphones that run on Windows Mobile.

image thumb3 Facebook App comes to Windows Mobile Officially.

After all the wait, Windows Mobile has finally released the official app for Facebook. Although there had been an app for the same purpose released in March but that was for test purposes alone (FriendMobilizer). The app would let users send messages to people on their list, share pictures and videos directly from your phone and letting you  use Facebook on the move. Well that at least makes me feel my HTC Touch has something modern to offer, officially.

image thumb7 Windows Mobile Marketplace Restrictions: Thats how its going to commit suicide

I was true when I said Windows Mobile wasn’t dead yet after the coming of Windows Mobile 6.5 but the mobile OS is bound to suffer a death blow with restrictions. Presently the Windows Marketplace has put out restrictions on developers and any app failing to meet those will not get an approval. A few of those restrictions include (you can read more here):

image thumb6 Microsoft: Windows Mobile 6.5 has a promising US market

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image thumb129 Windows Mobile 6.5 has what iPhone doesnt, support for Flash!

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image thumb123 Windows Mobile 6.5 Screenshots: Theres definitely a MarketPlace

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image thumb61 Microsoft preparing for its Web based phone service

Microsoft is pretty serious about giving the cloud service an addition from its armory; its own web based service for the phones (signs that Windows Mobile is yet to see its last). The service enables users to share and store data from their cell phones, if their phone run Window Mobile 6 OS (or the much talked about 6.5). The news of this had been confirmed when Microsoft’s My Phone site went online temporarily and the service would provide users with up to a free 200 MB capacity. However files that are synced beyond that limit will be removed.