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image thumb6 When Is Windows Phone 7 Releasing? Official Date For The US Is October 11

While all of us have been waiting, anticipating or asking when are the Windows Phone 7 coming? There have been rumors stating that the HTC powered based on the Windows Phone 7 will be coming late in October or even by November to the folks in the US. But be prepared to embrace the official launch of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 on October 11.

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image thumb60 Pictures Of Windows Phone 7 HTC HD7 / HD3 Leaked

My post yesterday on the Windows Phone 7 and its comparison with the iPhone 4 sounded a bit too biased. I agree on that opinion from the couple of commentators. The primary reason was the Windows Phone 7 looked dull on that LG by all means and I won’t take back my opinion on that. However there is better hardware coming from HTC and we have got pictures of those.

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image thumb56 Windows Mobile 7 Is All Hype, Fails To Impress In This Comparison With iPhone 4

I am not a die hard fan of the iPhone or the Windows Mobile but it becomes absolutely essential to keep an eye on al news when you are in love with technology. A lot is anticipated of the Windows Mobile 7 in all honesty. However we got hold of a video comparison of the LG phone powered by the Windows Mobile 7 and the iPhone 4. If you aren’t into reading the whole thing, here are a few words to wrap it up: both are very different.

In my personal opinion, if that LG is running WM7, it looks very dull. The difference are visible right from the unlock screen. The iPhone keeps up with Apple’s tradition of a simple unlock screen while that of the WM7 is simple. It displays notifications on the screen like Calendar appointments, Gmail, etc. Apple’s iPhone as we know doesn’t display anything but slide to unlock. Once unlocked, the difference are more visible on both devices.

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image thumb33 Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 9: Unleashes A More Beautiful Web

I have used the Internet Explorer 7 and the IE8 and honestly those couldn’t make me move back to Microsoft’s browser. However I have been keeping my final verdict till the release of the IE9. Gladly Microsoft is releasing the latest version of its browser, today.

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image thumb22 Leaked Internet Explorer 9 Video: Reveals A Bare User Interface.

Microsoft is looking forward to solidify the dominance of its browser, the Internet Explorer. An initiative that started off by getting rid of years or sticking to the IE6 in the face of growing popularity of the likes of Firefox, to begin with. The newer versions of the IE have been better, especially IE8 which has got some praise from Web community. Today videos of the upcoming IE 9 were leaked on YouTube and in all honesty, the user interface is more like a woman clad in bikini on a beach.

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image thumb147 Microsoft Bing Comes To Android….. Wait! It’s Not For Non Verizon Customers!

Curse be the day when I recommend anyone to use Microsoft’s Bing. On the Android devices specifically. I have no reason why but I simply consider the very thought of Bing to be sinister. Anyhow coming to the news, Microsoft has released the Bing app coming to the Android platform and to begin with, it is only available for the Verizon customers. Talk about exclusivity!

A lot is missing as users won’t be able to get hold of the complete Binging experience. Nonetheless you will be able search images, news, get directions on maps, etc. Something which Google Maps already does with its app  but it misses out navigation via voice.  Other than that it provides a more simpler experience when it comes to searching for business around you. It’s isn’t as effective and precise compared to traditional services like Yelp, etc, but i guess that won’t be missed much. It does have Voice Search which Google had already introduced, but I am sure it wont be as swift compared to what Google has to offer.

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image thumb117 Microsoft Goes The Android, Apple Way. Windows Phone 7 SDK Coming In September

The web is abuzz with the coming of the promised Windows Phone 7, though I guess I will never be a fan of the mobile operating system from Microsoft, even if they offered me numerous Xbox 360 titles on the Windows Phone 7. Why? Well the major reason being I doubt the availability of apps, but that might just change a bit, since the firm is planning to released the SDK for the Windows Phone 7. This would be coming to us by 16 September.

So will we be seeing the coming of a lot of apps before holidays? If that happens, the Windows Phone 7 might just have something worth the money for those who expect something from Microsoft’s OS.

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image thumb79 6 Tips For Windows 7 You Probably Ignored

I have been using Windows 7 for almost half a year now and whether I hate Microsoft for the Internet Explorer or its sick wars with Google, I love the operating system. But there are issues, especially when it comes to getting others to adopt to the new OS. I am talking about getting them to get used to the user interface and more importantly give them tips for a great experience.

I just thought it will be nice to share a few in a blog post. These aren’t for the power users and require you to do no coding or scripting to boost performance. The tools are just a click away to and might just save you from trouble as well as boost your Windows 7 experience: Read More »

image thumb77 Microsoft Makes Windows Live Essential More Social With Facebook Feature

If you can’t beat them, integrate them. That’s how I put in the world of Web. Microsoft today has once again shown how associated it wants to be with Facebook by integrating the Facebook chat and status updates to its popular instant messaging service; the Windows Live Messenger.

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image thumb71 Xbox Lives Comes To Windows Phone 7: Will It Compete Well With PSP Phone And the iPhone?

So it isn’t just Sony gearing up to bolster the Xperia X10 with power gaming by combining it with PSP [or something] to challenge iPhone 4 supremacy as a powerful gaming device. Reports today state that Microsoft is doing the same with it Windows Phone 7. Of course they aren’t putting the entire Xbox 360, but those of you who are fans of both Windows Mobiles and the Xbox be prepared to embrace Xbox Live on your Windows powered devices. Talk about a whole new dimension to mobile gaming shaping up pretty quickly.

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