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download thumb It’s all About Live – Windows Live Search Video Get’s revamped Last week Microsoft talked an released a lot of Windows Live products and today I saw many changes in the Live video site. Now having much more features and tools available, I can say that my shift from Google video search can me made quickly.

I could find my favorite TV shows, music videos, and other online videos. You can browse through the TV Shows page and select a genre like Comedy, Drama, Reality, Animation.  The best being that of drilling down to related Music video searches.

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windowslivelogoso8 thumb Microsoft – We Are Integrating Social Networking into Search And yet again a change comes in Microsoft’s Live Search Platform. This time the change looks good. I had previously reported about URank, a technology for ranking your searches and much more from Microsoft. But this time Microsoft is the power of Social Networking into it’s Live Search Platform sometime next year.

Earlier this year Microsoft integrated it’s search into facebook and last year it funded Facebook around $240m. n a social network-like context, Microsoft’s Spaces, Windows Live Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger will be able to communicate with each other, allowing users to keep in touch, just like Facebook does to some extent, but in separate applications.

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image thumb94 Live Maps + Photosynth = Live Maps get tasty

It’s all Google everywhere, be it Street View reaching new destinations or Chrome pulling out updates, but Microsoft has added something to its Live Maps that makes it stand out. The integration of its photo stitching service Photosynth make the experience worth everything. It isn’t something too great but at least shows that Microsoft is keen at being a touch more innovative with what they usually are.

image thumb28 Microsoft brings India on Virtual Earth

Looks like Microsoft is pretty serious at invading the Indian population with its banner and has definitely shown great speed with the launch of Live Search maps in the country. The launch has been made with detailed Street maps and listing for nine cities, twenty nine Business listings and accessibility to highway networks connecting over twenty thousand towns and cites.

Microsoft brings this service to both the PCs and the mobile devices to its users in India. Something that may would have though of Google to bring to every country. I think Microsoft has done the right thing by targeting the most promising business hub for the future and can gain solid grounds within the  market to counter Google’s growing global influence (though this shouldn’t matter much to Google).

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