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image thumb147 Microsoft Bing Comes To Android….. Wait! It’s Not For Non Verizon Customers!

Curse be the day when I recommend anyone to use Microsoft’s Bing. On the Android devices specifically. I have no reason why but I simply consider the very thought of Bing to be sinister. Anyhow coming to the news, Microsoft has released the Bing app coming to the Android platform and to begin with, it is only available for the Verizon customers. Talk about exclusivity!

A lot is missing as users won’t be able to get hold of the complete Binging experience. Nonetheless you will be able search images, news, get directions on maps, etc. Something which Google Maps already does with its app  but it misses out navigation via voice.  Other than that it provides a more simpler experience when it comes to searching for business around you. It’s isn’t as effective and precise compared to traditional services like Yelp, etc, but i guess that won’t be missed much. It does have Voice Search which Google had already introduced, but I am sure it wont be as swift compared to what Google has to offer.

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image thumb46 Microsoft: Bing without Beta and Maps for UK

While Google must have taken quite some time to get rid of the beta label, Microsoft has been pretty quick with that. Microsoft removed the beta label off Bing. This is primarily for the UK users and offers them localized search. The other important announcement includes the release of Bing Maps for the UK, meaning that users will no longer be directed to Multimap. While all this sounds impressive enough, the homepage will also feature photos of favorite spots in the UK.

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image thumb17 Microsoft is all Binging, will let users share search results with Bing and Ping

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image thumb63 Microsoft gets Federated Media to team with Bing, brings BingTweets

When I say Bing, it says all about Microsoft‘s hard work at being successful in the search market. Today the search engine launched BingTweets in collaboration with Federated Media. This  would combine Bing search with Twitter Search letting users browse across the results for search and at the same time view results in real time. The real time-ness will prove useful if one is searching for something happening at the moment. The interface, though crowded appears neat as each results are framed on top the blue background. However seeing the two side by side would appear pretty over crowded, but given the functionality it adds, it’s quite digestible. The step is not the first that Microsoft has taken to integrate Twitter with Bing as it had earlier integrated Twitter in the search results.

image thumb50 Bing grows past Yahoo to climb to No.2. Microsoft is finally got its Search on right track

Microsoft‘s Bing is moving along pretty nice in the search market as it crawled past Yahoo Search once again after its launch. While it has definitely got a long way to go, even to be remotely close to Google, Bing presently stands up at number two with a 13% market share, going past Yahoo’s 10.15%. I was a bit skeptic about this venture from Microsoft, Bing has what it takes especially with the addition of Twitter to its search results.