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image thumb23 TweetMeme brings advance Search Tools for Twitter Search

TweetMeme appears to be racing forward ever since its relaunch as it today announced the release of a few new search tools. When you perform a search at TweetMeme, you get to filter search results by: Age, which means you get results from the past hour, day, etc. Channel, categories or the number of times each has been Re-Tweeted. The Channels option lets you more specific topics, like the Android and not the category; Technology. While Google has accepted that real time search results are its biggest challenge, TweetMeme is rather working on this, for at least Twitter and Tweets.

image thumb10 TwitDoc: Now share your Documents on Twitter too

We have seen what effect Twitter is having on the Web, if giants can’t acquire it they are planning to adopt its features at least. The micromessaging service has enclosed within it almost everything on the web, from sharing what you are doing to pictures and music. All this with thanks to the developers who are taking advantage of its API and today TwitDoc will launch its document sharing service, the first of its kind for Twitter. This would support various formats like, PDFs, Microsoft Office Documents, etc by integrating with Scribd. The service isn’t difficult to use, simply enter your Twitter credentials, select a document and description and upload. While this is pretty handy, I don’t quite see many people needing the service, why? Plainly because not many people actually share documents with those on Twitter.

image thumb9 Google to integrate Twitter like features to search?

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image thumb Twitter: Rumors, Acquisition and Free Service

What’s best about rumors? Anyone can create and have people wandering/asking what if this happens? Analysts (self proclaimed specially) begin writing numbers on the consequences if a rumor turns to be real, which usually never happens. But if it does, you have got a winner, both the person who broke the news out and the one who came out with closest numbers, analysis on it. Twitter is one such place, where a rumor can get quite an air due to the massive number of people using the service. lately there have been rumors about Google in a mood to acquire Twitter and just when they were proven wrong, there is another one, this time Apple showing interest to buy the service.

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