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image thumb6 PostUp Acquires Facebook and Twitter App, Echofon

Echofon, the Twitter Phone has been acquired by PostUp, which in my opinion is a fair deal as the Twitter app has over 3 million users. Echofon was also one of the first Twitter apps to introduce User Streams and has been quite a popular Twitter client.

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The year 2010 is coming to an end and everyone has a different approach on how they close the year. Twitter in the social media space just released a new site altogether; Year in Review to showcase what has been happening on Twitter throughout 2010.

image thumb46 Twitter 2010: The Year In Review

I am not going to call it a micro messaging service for I simply consider it to be undermining the true potential of the tool, albeit that’s what it is at the core. I recall hating it and avoiding it at all costs and finally getting more than just addicted to it. The site will be updated in the days to come, in the meanwhile you can definitely visit another one which showcases the New folks who joined Twitter.

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image thumb9 Was This The #NewTwitter? CEO Evan Williams Takes A Bow….

Twitter is down today, at least acting like a grumpy kid who doesn’t want respond to your calls. And while I was still at it the news I got was of Evan Williams, the co-founder of Twitter has taken a bow from the CEO seat.

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image thumb113 Top 10 Twitter Extensions For Google ChromeI have been suing using Firefox for well, over two years with the Google Chrome being my secondary one. The only problem that kept me away initially was the lack of extension support but that changed thanks to all the development lately.

I will be using this post to highlight the top Twitter extensions for the Google Chrome browser, getting used to them myself before I can actually make a shift to making Chrome my preference. I have kept the list short, just a disclaimer before our respectful readers complain of having left many others. Read More »

image thumb60 Twitter Follows Facebook Movie With A Funny YouTube Parody

If Facebook does it so should every other social network. Well at least create a mock. There has been a lot of hype with the upcoming Facebook movie; The Social Network and it has caused quite some parodies coming up. But this Twitter Movie trailer quite hilariously puts the purpose of Twitter in motion.

The mock is being titles The Twit Network and is hitting hard on the Social Network trailer , highlighting a few facts added with exaggerated bits on Twitter cofounders; Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone and Ev Williams. I particularly liked the man bleeding and asking his wife to call 911 and she, pretty like any Twitter addict wonders if they too have a Twitter handle.

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image thumb42 Twitter Ruffles Up Feathers To Boost Ad Platform: Hires Former Facebook And Yelp Employees

Looks as if the micromessaging service, Twitter is taking advertising seriously. Reports today state that folks at Twitter have bolstered their ad platform by hiring Dan Coughlin who had been with Facebook since 2006. Coughlin will take charge as the Director of Sales for Eastern Region in the US.

That wasn’t the only notable induction as Twitter also fished Amanda Levy of Yelp. She will be taking position as Director of Sales in the Western Region, bringing over 5 years of experience to the Twitter ad team. Both have a good number of years to back their selection, with Coughlin who was the director of media sales, Facebook, and prior to this, held the same position at Yahoo for over 5 years. This is of course other than his stints at MarketWatch and DoubleClick. Levy on the other hand was Yelp’s first salesperson, where she headed sales for Yelp at the West Coast.

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image thumb25 End Of Confusion: TwitterShoutOut Isn’t a Feature/Function To Be Of Twitter

I was wandering the whole day after reading about the possible Twitter feature to be; the @TwitterShoutOut. Right from reading about it, I just thought what this was about, perhaps a recommendation engine that does something beyond @replies or the ever popular #followfriday. The same created hype well over the day thanks to TNW before Sean Garret stepped up to clear the confusion.

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image thumb48 Twitter Reactivates SMS Service In Jordan, Kuwait And Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

After putting a ban on its SMS service in numerous countries back 2008 and early 2009, Twitter appears to be restarting its service country by country. The lucky country to get back the service now is Jordan as our fellow blogger Gaith reports at ArabCrunch. The ban was placed back in 2008.

The service appears to have been enabled with a possible collaboration between Twitter and Zain, the largest mobile operator in the Arab region. Other countries including Kuwait [Zain] and Saudi Arabia [with STC] have also been given access to the text messaging service. I haven’t seen or tried this personally but from the screenshot and the report it is confirmed that the service has been reactivated.

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image thumb29 Twitpic Launches Photo Tagging, Looks In Good Shape To Leverage 190 Million Twitter Users

Twitpic is growing, it has already become the largest portal as Twitter for pictures and is introducing more functions and features. The latest to come forth is Photo Tagging, a feature that has been long available at other social networking sites like Facebook. There is no point in comparing the two here as they both cater to different versions of online social networking.

Twitpic has been upfront with updates and photo tagging is its next step after it launched the feature that let users categorize photos as per events. Again, the reason why there is a need to have such features is because users want more than just a portal or application to share pictures, they are looking for more functions, better organizing so that it is easier to share, discover and readily available to search. Which makes the introduction of the feature ever justified.

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image thumb57 Facebook Ban In Pakistan Takes Its Toll On Twitter: Fail Whale Once Again

Twitter over capacity. Why am I not surprised reading this? I mean it was evident given that the authorities in Pakistan had banned access to the social network owing to the group that promotes drawing cartoons of the Prophet [PBUH]. Its obvious that people, who find it impossible to resist the departure from Facebook have almost immediately switched to Twitter to gossip more about it.

Alright it might be a bit of exaggeration here and Twitter might be facing general problems, the Fail Whale which was a regular feature in the past. What makes me think that the current ban is a reason for this, is the Fail Whale has appeared after quite a while and had been missing this for ages now. I am not sure what number of users on Facebook from Pakistan but if this ban is a reason for Twitter downtime, I am guessing the number must be pretty high, otherwise Twitter must now be quite capable of handling a bit of surge in the users.

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