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image thumb56 TweetDeck Officially Comes To Android Phones

Am I being too Androidish today? Maybe right but this is what I news I have been coming across today and honestly I have ignored others. Just running down another one quickly, TweetDeck has officially made its way to the Android phones. Sounds great, primarily because I detested seeing the TweetDeck on the iPhone for some odd reason, but I guess I don’t need to do that anymore.

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image thumb112 TweetDeck comes with more improvements; Maps, LinkedIn and what not!

There is more coming up with the new version of TweetDeck and those includes its endless support for ReTweets, LinkedIn stream and geo tagging messages with maps. Talk about making a mess of the entire TweetDeck board, which is something I seriously don’t like at all. But that is something which can be taken care of as it enables you edit these lists directly into transparent pop out boxes and provides suggestions for people you can add to the list that you are to create.

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