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image thumb121 FriendFeed becomes more useful as it enables users to share files, MP3s

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image thumb104 T 3 and counting: Twitter Turns Three

Twitter turned three. Do I need to go through the tons of lines and words crawling like an army of ants? So I am wrapping this up soon unlike the countless reports all across the web and thank for the pictures explaining it all. But this is worth mentioning, the micromessaging service, despite all its downtimes has got other working upon its methods and Google for one considers its Real time-ness to be its biggest challenge. Well, it has go years to go ahead and work upon its concept and just keep us safe from downtimes or Twitpocalypse or anything else associated to failures.

image thumb97 Twitcaps: Search and Browse images shared on Twitter

While you can search for any image on Google, etc, the idea to have a place to perform image search for all images shared on Twitter sounds quite useful. Twitcaps is a startup that lets you browse, search latest images shared on Twitter via TwitPic and other related services. With this you can save images for later use or simply retweet them via your account as well as share it across the numerous social networks Works fine and is pretty useful for those who live on Twitter.

image thumb63 Twitter is about to face Twitpocalypse.. dont worry no Asteroids are going to hit it

Twitpocalypse, I feel like turning this report into a cheap B-grade movie script, for some odd reasons. But sticking to reporting alone, Twitpocalypse is a name that has been assigned to a Twitter bug that is about to infest Twitter. Description of it says each tweet sent has a unique identifier tagged to it and this identifier is about to strike 2,147,483,647, which is a limit for signed integers. So what’s the fuss about it? Well if your Twitter clients (Seesmic, Twhirl, TweetDeck, etc) strike the number of doom, the identifier will begin getting negative, making sure the clients/apps you are using will most likely crash. The developers had anticipated this to strike later tomorrow but it’s more likely to hit us in about an hour, maybe a couple at most. Let’s see how people react to this and how quickly the issue is resolved. You can learn more about the issue from the discussion ins in the Google Group thread here.

image thumb60 Flickr accepts Twitter, lets you share photos via Email

TwitPic is going to have another one as its challenger as Flickr finally accepts letting users share links of their photos on Twitter. The photo sharing site has initiated Flickr Twitter Beta that would let users to link Twitter and Flickr accounts with an open ID and can send tweets when you feel like sharing a photo you upload through email. While the process might sound a bit tiring, but its pretty easy to use, simply add 2twitter just before the @. However it’s up to you to decide which photos you want to share rather than automatically send all the photos you upload.

image thumb54 Call it a problem, but Compete and Quantcast report that Twitters traffic has fallen

While Twitter has grown exponentially in the recent past, almost doubling the traffic. However site analytics companies, Compete and Quantcast report the traffic to have fallen and not just halted. While this is definitely an error as Twitter continues to boast heavier traffic, compared to numerous other sites, which include the New York Times and the WSJ. However there are a few things that Twitter should do to enhance user experience on the micromessaging service. These might include realtime experience as well, much like what FriendFeed has done lately.

investors thumb Twitterfeed gets Investors as Accelerator Group and Betaworks buy majority stakes

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image thumb10 TwittAd rolls out updates, lets see if these fish advertisers

Remember TwittAd? The startup that let you cash in your followers on Twitter by letting advertisers promote their products on user profiles? Well the team behind it has been busy working upon user feedback and has released a couple of new updates. The updates includes full disclosure on campaigns which include publisher badge that will be displayed on users Twitter background. Along with that users will be able to select tweets which best suit your taste and launch a campaign likewise. Lets see if these updates act as a worthy bait to fish advertisers to use the service.

image thumb TwitterContd Lets you say everything you want to on Twitter: Continue Beyond 140 characters

Now there are quite a lot of Twitter services/applications that might let you extend your Twitter status beyond 140 characters and having another one to be more descriptive won’t hurt. TwitterContd is another startup that lets you say to your fill on Twitter. It is a bit different though, as it lets you assign shortcuts to the phrases you most commonly use. Like greetings, answers to certain questions. This saves time by removing the need to type those statements again and again.  Along with that you can also perform tasks like uploading audio, video and documents up to maximum size of 100 MB. Sounds more than useful and hence I would take away the label of another startup which I earlier assigned to it.

image thumb86 Posterous makes major updates enables photo sharing from a dozen Twitter clients

Here comes another one to make sharing photos easier on Twitter as Posterous released its new features. The startup that let you share/post anything by simply sending an email has added photo sharing as well with the help of as many a dozen Twitter clients. The bigger part of the news is that Posterous has made a huge stride forward in this by integrating some of the most popular clients, including Seesmic Desktop, Tweetie for Mac. etc and the only major player left out is TweetDeck. But does it really matter all that much? This would also enable auto-postiing to various social networking sites including Twitter, Flickr, Facebook as well as maintain your very own photo blog at Posterous. Sounds more than useful and equally enticing to have users adopting it for sharing images. So is TwitPic going to have some serious competition with Posterous? You are more than welcome to be Nostradamus and predict the future of the two as comments.