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image thumb78 Now its people who want the Internet Explorer 6 dead

Earlier this month YouTube ended its support for the Internet Explorer 6 and today it appears Twitter users want the IE6 to exist no more. James Lynch initiated the Twitition and it has already gained quite a momentum. Lunch used Twibbon, a service that lets you put up small icon on your profile picture. Many have termed the IE6 to be the biggest hindrance to the development of the Web and while they might be right, the same had given Microsoft the majority it has in the browser market and if sites end support for the browser, that share may fall drastically.

image thumb68 Twitter has high expectations: Might grab $140 Million by next year and a Billion by 2013

While firms predict a tough time ahead and try to cut short expenses, Twitter is knitting expectations of hitting $140 Million in revenue by 2010. And even more, the micromessaging service will be generating as much as $1.5 Billion in 2013. The news broke forth from TechCrunch who got hold of some documents, worrying Twitter; it is trying to deal with the matter legally and take appropriate actions against anyone who was involved in the theft. We aren’t sure how true this is but anticipate Twitter to be munching both revenue and a substantial boost in the number of users.

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image thumb64 FriendFeed opens hunting season with Duck Hunt Theme

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image thumb20 Twitter disables user accounts... Oops that was a mistake!

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image thumb19 Twittospheric: Your Twitter in in Real Time

Here comes more real time-ness to Twitter with Twittospheric, a startup that lets you view all tweets in real time.  You see a countless birds scrolling across the light background holding the tweets in their beaks. You can either view the public timeline or follow a particular user or simply view tweets with keywords. Looks pretty neat like real time-ness coming to Plurk.

image thumb15 Tweetmeme continues to improve itself

Tweetmeme is definitely making it big with being the tweet aggregator and more importantly its doing great with its re-tweet. Almost every site nowadays has the re-tweet button. According reports the same button pulls in more than 196 million impressions every week. The service plans to release more features which includes support for URL shortening and will also support custom URL shortening services as well. The improvements will also include analytics services for website owners, this would of course be the very basic of analytics and sits will have to pay for more detailed analysis. This would be helpful to help figure out what links are more popular.

image thumb13 And now Search on FriendFeed is Real Time too

Real time is what almost every service is trying to integrate it in some way. However FriendFeed is running ahead with the idea and it all began with its redesign. Today it also put that real time-ness into its search, meaning that whatever term you search will show results that are updated with the latest updates associated to your search query. What’s more important is that you can also share and embed the search in your blog and it updates in real time as well. You can see one below:

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image thumb1 Twitter makes changes to its interface: Easier to connect with Tweeples

Twitter is working on to improve its User Interface, something i for one had always desired. Though it isn’t an entire overhaul of the site’s layout but it has made the followers and following page more interactive and easier. This makes it easier for one to follow, unfollow, block or simply send a reply to someone. That is added with letting you view your followers and those you are following in a list view or as expanded. Overall it appears much pleasant than the other wise simple but sickening layout it previously had. I appreciate this change anticipating that some bigger changes in the layout are about to make way.

image thumb136 OMG!! Is it true what they wrote about you in their Twit Blog?     YES! Its a Phishing Scam!

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image thumb131 Twi.tt lets you share everything you have to share on Twitter

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