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ding its up Get Website Downtime alerts via Twitter through: Ding It’s up!

Ding It’s Up is a unique service that provides you website downtime alerts via Twitter. You can get updates in your email, mobile or Twitter about when a site goes back up. The service sends you a message about the concerned website (that you entered), and you don’t even need to register for this service.

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bigtweet thumb Send (280 char) Tweets with Big Tweet

Lately Twitter third party services have been on the rise, allowing Twitter-users to upgrade on their tweets. Like this new service: BigTweet which works like a bookmarking site and lets you share your favorites (Web pages) on Twitter, as well as offer a 280 character writing space for your tweets.

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tweet thumb thumb Try these Twitter clients to go back in tweet time

I came across this blog where these two interesting Twitter clients were shared. These enable you to look back at your Twitter history, and is a nice way for the micro-blogging service’s fans to enjoy their first few messages.

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tweetmas logo Start off for Christmas early this year with Tweetmas

Tweetmas is a Twitter client that asks users what they’d like for Christmas. The social shopping site CrowdStorm has launched this service possibly as a marketing stint to find out shoppers’ demand and attract some as well. It’s a simple social service though, and you can answer the ‘question’ from the micro-messaging service:

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tweetsgiving grab TweetsGiving raises fund through Twitter for noble cause on Thanksgiving

TweetsGiving ran tweets to help build a classroom in a school. The web-based project was set up to raise $10,000 for the school located in Tanzania, and how the word spread! Tweets were pumped out of Twitter, and in less than two days the amount was raised through a lot of co-operation from enthusiasts all around. People were asked to send tweets, anything they’re thankful for and include a #TweetsGiving tag as well as the link to the site.

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iphone lawsuit Appple Sued over tech that enables iPhone to surf some sites on the Web

Apple’s iPhone is in the news again – though this time in a different scenario altogether. Apple Inc. is the target of a lawsuit filed by EMG Technology LLC. This came as – the lawsuit claims – the iPhone infringing a patent filed by Los Angeles real estate developer Elliot Gottfurcht, and two co-inventors.

The claim accuses Apple Inc. of its product using a technology that enables it to navigate and display some sites designed for small phone screens which in turn infringes on a patent obtained by Gottfurcht and his co-inventors (assigned to EMG) last month. Though this brings light on other phones following the same path, so why only Apple? To which Gottfurcht’s lawyer Stanley Gibson had to say:

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Gun’s and Roses are Back with a Bang!!!

image thumb265 Gun’s and Roses are Back with a Bang!!!

Tonight at 9 PM PST exclusively on MySpace Musict Gun’s and Roses are Back with a Bang!!!, Guns and Roses, the popular 80’s band, will release Chinese Democracy, where users could stream it for FREE. Yes you read me right, for FREE!!!!

Released to wide range of audience ranging from Germany, to US, to France to UK, this will be the band’s entry back again after a prolonged 17 years. The physical copy of the album coming out on November 23.

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social survey SocialSurveys enables Polling via Twitter

SocialToo, a startup that synchronizes your lists from services like Twitter, so you don’t have to do it manually. SocialToo introduced a new feature of SocialSurveys, offering Twitter users to have the option of polls. Creating a poll is easy, as you just need to fill the text boxes that are provided along with captions on them – post a question and add answers to it. There’s a check-box at the bottom where you can sync it with Twitter, and let your followers know about it through a URL (which’s sent automatically).

image59 Twuffer: Schedule your tweets on Twitter!So many might have planned to pull off something creative with with Twitter, most of them did capitalize the idea and turned successful while others just kept dreaming. Well here is one service that lets you Twitter for the future.

Twuffer enables users to simply schedule their tweets. This may include announcement for important events or reminders in case you are busy on that particular day and forget reminding your friends personally or simply inform them of what you will be up to on a coming day. The whole idea appears neat and can add one more (or should I say yet another) dimension for Twitter-holics and they might very well enjoy another dimension to the most popular service.

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