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image thumb3 I guess the Ban in China has got Plurk all choked up.... or is it just me?

I am not sure if this issue is being faced by many other Plurkers or just myself, but I have been facing a few problems with Plurk for quite some hours now. First it failed to load, then there were issues associated to not showing the signup screen and now it says the my account is not found. Surprisingly enough I am signed in with the same but the timeline just doesn’t show up. Plurk fell prey to China as the micromessaging site was banned in the country. I hope this issue is only temporary and is resolved soon.

image thumb157 Twitter Search for everyone in Real Time

When everything is heading on towards realtime (FriendFeed and YouTube), why not put Twitter search into that as well? Well this is exactly what Twitter has done today. Users can now easily search and index public feeds using its real time search. This means you can easily perform a search to learn what is happening now, plus if you are one of those who search for a specific topic more often, you can save that search giving you an easy way to access your favorite searches with a simple click.

image thumb145 Microsoft steps into Micromessaging with Vine, a Twitter for emergency?

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image thumb123 TwitrPix: You guessed it right, it lets you share photos on Twitter (too)

I guess when it comes to the Web the idea is to create one app per person. There must be a dozen or so apps that let you post pictures to Twitter and out comes another; TwitrPix. Simply enter your Twitter login information to begin using the service and view the public timeline to see what others have shared using it. Neat like the very many out there, but I guess the emphasis to boost users should be at creating apps that leverage the mobile devices as well, largely because that would give a much needed boost to the startup.

image thumb68 Tweetmeme makes a re launch to battle as the top link aggregator

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image thumb61 Twitter Overcapacity......yet again?

I was just wandering when exactly is Twitter going to let go of old habits? There were good words for it over the past few months for providing Fail free service but it appears it’s coming back. I have tried not to complain much but this is around the hundredth time I have seen the Overcapacity message in the last two days. Perhaps I am the only unlucky person in the world to see this or are you facing similar problems too?

image thumb60 12seconds launches 12omercial: The twelve second ads on Twitter

12seconds is making moves to put commercials on Twitter with the release of its 12omercial. This would provide embeddable video ads with support for first paid advertising coming from LG and Xobni. Those ads will have built in analytics and the video would link back to page where it will run on a branded player at 12seconds. The twelve second video might sound a bit off to be used for advertisement purposes but it might just help out. I mean why not? If I see a video link of YouTube I make sure I see the length of the video, twelve seconds won’t matter much to test out and entice people into hitting on it. Let’s see how this turns out over time, the idea is no doubt worth it.

image thumb55 TweetDeck counters Seesmic Desktops offensive; updates with major features

And while we enjoyed the coming of Seesmic Desktop, TweetDeck has grabbed the challenge at its neck by introducing new features. And did I mention major ones? The features include Digg URL shortener, TwitPic preview within the app. Plus it will also support Spotify URLs meaning you can play the the tweeted song right in your player. But what steals the show is integration of Facebook, you can now view friends’ statuses right besides your Twitter updates. TweetDeck will also fully integrate 12Seconds video recording capability to its client.

image thumb54 Seesmic launches Seesmic Desktop; a better threat to TweetDeck

In a bit to out run Tweetdeck, Seesmic after realizing Twhirl wasn’t enough has released Seesmic Desktop. The desktop app runs on Adobe Air and like Twhirl it lets you handle multiple accounts in separate windows. With the release of Seesmic desktop, Seesmic will cease further addition of features to Twhirl and focus more on the new client. A few features include handling multiple accounts, support for social networks, search, etc. If Seesmic is paying full attention to this one, I can bet its here to give some serious competition to TweetDeck.

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