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image thumb26 Did FriendFeed get influenced by Facebook as a Major Bug surfaces

Alright I should stop yelling at Facebook and the problems it has with security, etc. Why? Because FriendFeed has a vulnerability, call it being influenced by Facebook (I know I am being skeptical about the social network). The bug lets you make FriendFeed posts as any one by sending a message via email. The proof is someone making a post as FriendFeed’s founder, Bret Taylor. FriendFeed has been quick at taking action and shutting down email posting to the service.

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image thumb61 Test the artist in you, create your own FriendFeed themes

FriendFeed had earlier launched themes to make FriendFeed better looking (the duck hunter). I guess that wasn’t enough so the team decided to let its users practice their own creativity and make their own. Select Custom theme, upload a background you would love to have (as ugly as you want to get), modify color combinations and there you have it. You might consider that theme to be the best piece of art or might be knocked in to senses by a friend who says it’s crap not so nice and needs to changed. Jokes apart, the idea to let users create their own themes always sounds good and might just have its users all excited.

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image thumb119 Recommend friends on FriendFeed, the latest in features

There is no putting off the fact that FriendFeed has been doing more to introduce better features (realtime, etc), yes much better and quicker than Facebook. Last week it introduced a new feature to its armory, the Recommend Friend that lets you recommend subscriptions of a friend to anyone who subscribes to your feed. Though this particular feature has been there with Facebook for almost a year and others too. Now when you send a recommendation, an email is sent to your friends with all the recommendations and they can subscribe to all of these with just a click. This is particularly useful for the new users who have just signed up at FriendFeed and are looking for friends to connect with.

image thumb64 FriendFeed opens hunting season with Duck Hunt Theme

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image thumb13 And now Search on FriendFeed is Real Time too

Real time is what almost every service is trying to integrate it in some way. However FriendFeed is running ahead with the idea and it all began with its redesign. Today it also put that real time-ness into its search, meaning that whatever term you search will show results that are updated with the latest updates associated to your search query. What’s more important is that you can also share and embed the search in your blog and it updates in real time as well. You can see one below:

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