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image thumb143 Google Reader: ‘Read feeds in your native language’

When Google  talks about being a global leader in the web market, it isn’t bluffing, it means every word of it. This time they have put out another feature that helps you perform translations almost instantly. This integration comes to the famed Google Reader and users can easily translate feeds from the drop down menu on the top right corner into their native language. It’s easy, just like everything about Google is and the results are pretty good. Google Readers can now put away those language translation tool and enjoy reading their feeds in their own language.

Ages after Google was formed and even more ages after it became the market leader in Search and advertisement it had its third founder stepping in and claiming that Google was his brainchild. Well that was for Google alone but today we got reports of another person coming out of nowhere and claiming to be YouTube’s creator number four.

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image thumb119 Google’s Eric Schmidt to be America’s CTO….No thanks, but I love Google!

We had earlier reported that Barrack Obama had voiced his choice of having Eric Schmidt, CEO Google amongst a few others to be a part of the 17 member economic advisory board. But the current rumor regarding Eric being offered America’s first Chief Technology Officer is something he isn’t interested in. Which means he will turn any such offer. Eric said in a statement:

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youtubeustream mix thumb Google teaming up with UStream to host YouTube live event

It is learnt that Google will be teaming up with video streaming service UStream and hosting YouTube’s upcoming live event. The event is tagged as YouTube Live, and will feature popular video bloggers, famous musicians, comedians, athletes, etc. This will be an outdoor event taking place in San Francisco. YouTube’s comment on this:

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googleperformics thumb1 Google reveals gaining $53M from Performics sale

Google sold DoubleClick’s Performics SEM unit to Publicis in August, and apparently, earned $53 million. As we covered the sale of the Performics branch in early August, the stats speak the rest in Google has just-filed 10-Q. The company is one of the central companies in the digital marketing space. DoubleClick Performics is a provider of technological advertising solutions that helps to survive the dot-com downturn and the resulting crash in online advertising spending.

chromium bookmark manager Google Chrome Bookmark Management – improvements coming soon

Google Chrome is soon to improve its bookmark management by adding many features, and those shall be available in a update of the service. The features include a prominent one, that of a bookmark manager; it lets you find bookmarks, and move them to a new folder, and works to delete a large number of bookmarks. Options are also available to import bookmarks from an HTML file, and also to export bookmarks. You could find these from the Tools drop-down menu. While also, you can import bookmarks from Google Bookmarks.

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image thumb116 Google’s Android gets Meebo app

With the Android coming with its support for running multiple applications simultaneously, Meebo has found it just right to integrate itself into the Android based cell with Meebo for Android. The service, taking advantage of this will bring desktop like instant messaging service to the Android. Meaning that users can get instant alerts on any messages they receive in real time. The news had been circulating for quite sometime and it’s only recently that it has been confirmed. This shouldn’t surprising as Meebo has been up at expanding its frontiers for quite some time.

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image thumb109 Google Docs to get compatible with .DOCX, soon

For those of you who are irritated by continually converting your .DOCX word files in a format compatible to be viewed in Google Docs have a solution. Google Doc users will now be able to view Microsoft Office 2007’s documents easily without a need for any updater or conversion. The only thing users have to wait for is Google amalgamating the feature into Google Docs. users till then can utilize the services of alternate software like Zamzar or Microsoft Office’s Compatibility Pack to convert the file format.

image thumb102 Google knives StarOffice off Google Pack

Google has updated and added a countless new features to its Google Pack but there is sad news for one feature, StarOffice. The productivity suite was available in Google Pack for free (along with other features like, Adobe Reader, Real Player, etc) that otherwise cost $70. There couldn’t be any reason other than that Google previously didn’t provide a presentation software in Google Docs. But with that available in the Google Docs, there was obviously no need to burden itself with another look-alike.