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Windows Live Photos – It’s Here

live photos screenshot1 Windows Live Photos – It’s Here

Microsoft today announced it’s rival to Flickr, dubbed Microsoft Live Photos. Its focus is more on sharing and social collaboration of photos with family and friends.

The best part also is that you can upload photos, manage your galleries, and keep albums in sync, with the Windows Live Photo Gallery desktop application. And also that it resembles much to goggles picassa web and desktop app.

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With the growing need to speed up every work, think tanks continually grind their grey matter to develop and bring out the most efficient of methods to minimize time needed to perform each task. Google has been pretty famous for doing this more regularly and to live up to that reputation it lately introduced On-Demand Indexing for Google Site Search. The tool makes sure that the latest news/pages appear in the search results in a faster way on your site.

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youtube embeds YouTube announces monetizing Embeds

YouTube has announced a monetization program for embedded videos. This comes as the Google brand is thinking to expand revenues, with an audience of 280 million per month, and 44 percent of those viewers watching videos on sites off of YouTube, sounds like a good marketing strategy. This works through the addition of Adsense at the bottom of the videos, taking 20 percent of the screen. Though the ad will appear for about 10 seconds, the time recommended for capturing maximum attention. One can also scroll through the ads, though that doesn’t really makes sense, but anyway.

quickpedialogo thumb Quickpedia, the Wikipedia for Google AndroidQuickpedia is a free Wikipedia app. After iPhone, the app is now available for Google Android. You can use the app to search for place, person or any topic of your choice. You can also see the popular and featured stories. You can use the GPS mode of the phone to locate the nearest landmarks. You can use the larger fonts as well if you are having problems in reading. Check out the video of Quickpedia for Google Android at CNET News.

I thought watching Herbert Elwood Gilliland III was the last of all those things to come up. With claims to the idea of YouTube been his and wanting around a one percent share of all the revenue it generates. With a video that almost had his face coming out of the screen, it was one of the weirdest things I have seen in my blogging career. But iJustine did a good job with a funny video, targeting the Elwood’s claim and guess what, TechCrunch reported of the guy hitting out another video that sadly has been pulled off or is no longer available. There he piled a lot more crap and talked of creating PayPal too.

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google chrome logo1 Google Chrome now available on Linux

Google Chrome comes to Linux, though as a test version for now. Yes now you can use Chrome on Linux but there’s a lot to cover up, as this version of the browser is pretty raw at the moment. The news circulated as a programmer, Dan Kegel, posted a note to the Chromium developers mailing list which said:

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veveo logo1 Veveo brings WikiTap for iPhone and Android Veveo, a video solutions company, introduces WikiTap for the iPhone and Android smartphones, to help users work faster on Wikipedia. The app is free to use, and helps find the most relevant Wikipedia search results. On the other hand WikiTap is not just another way to access Wikipedia, but it is about an improved experience by uploading photos and videos to the article.

This makes the app the first of its kind, letting its users to read articles on the go, and contribute multimedia as well. Here’s what the CEO of Veveo, Murali Aravamudan had to say:

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windowslivelogoso8 thumb Microsoft – We Are Integrating Social Networking into Search And yet again a change comes in Microsoft’s Live Search Platform. This time the change looks good. I had previously reported about URank, a technology for ranking your searches and much more from Microsoft. But this time Microsoft is the power of Social Networking into it’s Live Search Platform sometime next year.

Earlier this year Microsoft integrated it’s search into facebook and last year it funded Facebook around $240m. n a social network-like context, Microsoft’s Spaces, Windows Live Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger will be able to communicate with each other, allowing users to keep in touch, just like Facebook does to some extent, but in separate applications.

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Google’s office in New York

Came across this blog where a view of Google’s office in New York was shared, and I thought I’d post here as well for you guys to see. According to eWeek’s Google Watch Web site:

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google site search logo thumb Search Me Faster – Google SiteSearch Get’s Optimized The KingPin is doing the pinning again, and this time the factor is SPEED. Search leader Google has launched a feature  to allow more pages being included rapidly in the search called On-Demand Indexing available to customers of its Google Site Search.

Using this technology, Google will index customers’ publicly available Web sites and powers a search engine on those customers’ sites.

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