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image thumb115 Google Chrome coming to Mac, some day soon

Google’s Chrome team has taken a step forward as it prepares the browsers version for the Mac. However it’s not yet baked enough to be used for all users as the team focuses more on its UI. We aren’t sure when exactly is it going to make its way to the Mac but chances are that Mac users might get it on their system by the second quarter, this year. Apart from the Mac version, the team is also working to bring Chrome to Linux. We are also waiting for extensions to make way to the Chrome.

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image thumb111 YouTube brings Video Downloads but not all are for Free

If you are one of those YouTubers looking forward to download videos, prepare to cut weight from your wallets as YouTube brings paid downloads. The feature is available to YouTube partners under the Creative Commons License and is most probably a method to help generate revenue from the world’s leading online video service. Currently the highest you have to pay for a video is $0.99 (you can download for free too)and each download is in MP4 format. I don’t think that will be pretty useful, given that most of the content is better for the free view online. But this can change, if Google manages to partner with movie studios or signup TV shows, giving users videos they would gladly pay for.

image thumb107 Google going more environment friendly(?), buys paper mill

Google has bought a Paper Mill. Why? Is it really concerned to help the Green cause and help protect Environment? The Search giant is already getting a grip on the social aspects, partnering with NASA to bring the Singularity University to putting out Web app for Power Meter. That may not be the prime motive as it bought the land from Finland based Stora Enso that fails to compete in the present market and suffers loss. Google has reportedly paid a $51.7 million for the place. I guess the plans will be to build its data center. The news has been confirmed when Google spokesman told Reuters:

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Google is bringing Friend Connect to more websites with its latest feature; the called Social Bar. It makes Friend Connect simple, letting websites place a toolbar to any page on their site. The feature would enable users to make use of various features like sign in using Friend Connect or keep track of comments, etc. This would help users interact with their site’s social features, as Google’s Social Web Blog explains:

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image thumb102 Google: Book Settlement site is up, Authors can claim $60 for their scanned books

Google had already signed up a $125 million settlement with Author’s Guild (they have problems with Kindle 2 as well) to pay authors for scanning copyrighted works and putting them up on the Web with Google Book Search. Today Google initiated its Google Book Settlement site to enable authors to submit their claims and become a part of the settlement. This would provide authors and other rights holders to grab $60 for every scanned book as one time payment. This will enable Google to display parts of these books in search results and let users preview as much as 20% of the work. Along with that it will also be able to place ads on pages, with 63% of the revenue generated going to the rights holders. The deadline to make a claim is till January 5, 2010.

image thumb100 MapQuest tries to hold top position as Google Maps climb closer

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image thumb90 Gmail: Know where your Email is coming from

Here comes another feature to Gmail after it took your mails offline with Gears; adding location to the signature. Perhaps no that big a news for people like me who are more or less to be found on the same spot through out the year, but a big one for those who are on the move. The location is determined by your IP address and may not be that accurate. However you can use Google Gear’s version that comes with location module support. Users of course have a choice whether they need to let others know their location or not, unlike Google Latitude that lets you give a false location if you don’t want to share where you are in real.

image thumb82 Google hires former AOL SVP (Europe) to lead Google Canada

Google has hired a former SVP Operations of AOL Europe, Jonathan Lister as MD and Head of Google Canada. His primary objectives will be to continue strengthening Google’s reach in the business community in Canada. he will also be leading the ad sales operations and further expand Google’s product and the services it offers. In a press release, VP Advertising Sales, Google North America, Penry Rice stated:

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image thumb81 Google: From Google Earth, Street View, to your Electric Meters

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