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image thumb69 Google using Twitter: Promoting Google Books

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image thumb67 iPhone gets Location from Google on Mobile Web

Google has pushed the accelerator on location awareness, brining Google Maps to both Firefox and Chrome and today introduced the same for the iPhone on Mobile Web. Users running the iPhone 3.0 software will see beneath their search box a message prompting asking them to try My Location. When clicked, you are prompted if you would want your device to use the service on your device. This removes the need to have a dedicated app and also enables users to have the location service running in Safari in the background. And Google makes sure your privacy is not compromised by not including your location in search results unless you desire it.

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image thumb62 Google Friend Connect adds support for 47 Languages, gets friendlier

Google Friend Connect appears more friendly as it adds support to more languages. The Friend Connect gets a bit more International as it adds more than 47 languages. Site owners will have the choice to select the language and gadgets from Google will auto translate to that particular language making sure that your content is understood by the speakers of a native language and your site fills the purpose it’s intended for. The additional languages include Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, English just to name a few.

image thumb59 Upgrade your IE6 to a newer browser if you need to watch YouTube videos

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image thumb55 Gmail gets Verified Accounts Key to stop phishing

In a bid to make Gmail more secure and protected from phishing scams, the Gmail team has added another useful feature that verifies if the email has come a legal site or not.  Users can turn the feature on by turning on the Authentication icon for Verified senders from settings in the Labs section. With this on, users will see a key next to the emails, which means that the email received is trustworthy. Currently is only limited to PayPal and eBay. This is definitely going to be more common as Gmail sees how effective it is with the current system, eventually having more verified accounts so that users may readily trust the emails coming from each.

image thumb48 Google Image Search now lets you find images with Creative Commons License

The problem with writing up a post is finding the right image and more importantly ones you don’t have to worry about taking permissions for. Google today launched a feature for Image Search that lets you find images that fall under the Creative Commons License. This isn’t restricted to the Creative Commons License (CCL) only but images that are tagged with other licenses like GNU Free Documentation license or images that on public domains. The CCL lets artists set ways how their images are used by others i.e in a commercial or noncommercial way. Once the artist has set up how their work is available on the web, Google makes sure that others on the web can find the image for their use.

image thumb36 Google has all it takes to trouble Microsoft and this time its Chrome OS

It has mastered the web and continues to dominate it with every passing moment. Today Google moved ahead and in the most direct assault on Microsoft‘s desktop empire has announced its very own OS named, Google Chrome Operating System. The OS will be launched in the second half of 2010 and it will definitely do netbook users a great favor. Why? Well almost all the netbooks presently run Windows XP, a powerful OS but way too old, where as Chrome OS would be running on the much newer ARM chips as well as the x86 design. But what does take the cake away will be the OS being Open Sourced. Think of all the developers creating all those apps and tools that make things easier and bring more innovation.I bet Microsoft isn’t going to get along with the idea of going open sourced, but if it does have any plans to stay as a leader, at being the leading OS in netbooks, Microsoft will have to do something way better with its coming OS, Windows 7.

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image thumb35 A better place to search Android Apps: AndroLib

Someone steps up to make a decent library for the Apps on the Android Platform and brings us AndroLib. Why so much of an emphasis on this? The major reason is the Android Market isn’t really worth spending time on to find a worthy app or learn which one is popular among the masses it just doesn’t have the community feel which is so essential. AndroLib is way better as it puts apps into categories, lets you perform search for your favorite app and learn almost everything about it, from overview to feedback and information from the developer community. Plus it’s available in more than 7 languages.

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