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image thumb4 I guess Apple had no new ideas for Eric Schmidt to stick around

I am not sure how the gurus in the tech world are going to take this, but I was surprised hearing that Eric Schmidt CEO of Google is no more amongst Apple’s Board of Directors. Of course we can add all sorts of speculations behind this resignation but the obvious reason is Google forcing itself in direct competition with Apple’s business. How? Well the search giant has stepped on its Mobile ventures with Android and furthering the damage with plans of Chrome OS. Now isn’t that lessening Eric’s significance in the board? Or is Steve Jobs thinking that Eric is hijacking Apple’s ideas to Google? He joined in Apple’s board in August 2006, back then of course Google was all about Web. But the sudden burst in innovation and expansion in platform has alarmed every one around. I guess Eric has a lot more to handle as Google CEO and he can use the time he saves from here to bring in better things for Google. Does he want to gulp down more of what Apple has for the future?

image thumb131 Ben Darnell quits Google Reader, jumps to FriendFeed

While Google is trying allure to use more of its Book Search by offering free Sony e-book readers, its Reader team waved goodbye Ben Darnell. He had been a key member of Google Reader team and will now be a part of FriendFeed. This is the first key hiring by FriendFeed in over a year and Ben will lend his expertise at data storage and scalibility.

image thumb128 Google to hand back its stakes in AOL as Time Warner buys them back

AOL gets to break free of Google as Time Warner bought back Google’s 5% shares which it had in AOL. The deal had been signed up back in 2005 when Google was able to snatch from Microsoft. However things hadn’t been going smooth for AOL, given that it had been spinning around layoffs, shutdown of services, etc and Google demanded AOL’s spin off or to have its shares taken back for a fair market value. Given the present situation, the value of those shares is much lesser than what it was paid while AOL is being valued at $5.66 Billion.

image thumb127 Google giving away 30 Sony e book readers. We need more people to use Google Books Search!

In a bid to have more people make use of Google Books, Google has got just the right promotion trick to allure more to its book search engine. Google is giving away 30 free Sony Readers over the next ten days. All that users have to do is play a simple game, quite like a trivia to have a chance at grabbing the reader. Now Google and Sony have been doing some sort of collaboration in the recent past when Google gave Sony’s e-book store access to more than half a million books. Are they up to sort of a partnership? Any one with any details?

image thumb113 Google makes its AdWords more local with local extensions

Google directs AdWords to your locality as it enables businesses to take advantage of local extensions that lets them expand their campaigns over the network by adding their business address to ads. With this uses can link campaign on AdWords with their accounts and match locations of both the user and the business. The address will be shown along with the text ad and in case no match is found, only the ad will be displayed minus the location. This feature can be turned off and a specific address is generated next to a particular ad, more like a generic one instead of that defined by the user. Google continues to forge in to the online ad market and this step would give companies more reasons to leverage its ad network, giving an even tougher time to competitors.

image thumb98 YouTube Insights lets you share how your video is performing on the web

We can always guess the popularity of a video at YouTube with the rating, comments and views, however it gets a bit easier to analyze which video is more popular and worth monetizing. Users will now be able to take advantage of YouTube Insight, its very own analytics tool.  With this users will be able to publicly share information associated to performance across various regions of the world as well as informing from what site your video generates most traffic. To end it, users are displayed a graph which displays how your video has done over time. A feature worth having, given that YouTube dominates the online video arena and given its plans to monetize, the tool can be a real help to find the right content to attract advertisers.

image thumb89 YouTube is definitely working at monetizing its Video Platform

The biggest question everyone has in mind when it comes to YouTube is how well it could do if it were to monetize the site? Presently YouTube might be doing pretty good with monetization, with monetizing as many as 12% of its users. The blog itself puts the fact flat out as it states that YouTube is monetizing millions of views each month week. TechCrunch bursts the numbers quite well, putting those hundreds of millions roughly around 800 million users a month. YouTube itself says that the view monetized has tripled over the year, it was around 4% in July 2008 and a simple math puts that to 12% as of now. There are numerous reports that highlight the same but YouTube is not ready to comment on this at all.

image thumb85 YouTube adds 3D experience to videos

From HD videos to embedding search in YouTube, developers behind the online video site adding 3D viewing capability to the videos. The option is in its early development stage and is swarmed by bugs, but developers plan to fix those issues at the earliest. YouTube has grown into the most successful online video service over time.

image thumb75 Get a hold of all those medical records, scan and upload them on Google Health

The worst thing associated to being ill other than the health is the bulk of papers, be it prescriptions, patient or medical records, etc. Google, as usual is up to make things easier by letting users better organize all the paper-works by putting them online. Users can scan their records and put them up online on Google Health accounts they have. Google also encourages users to put up their wishes in advance, in case they fall sick to an extent where communication becomes impossible, this way their family  members and doctors can do what the patient desires. The initiative is more than useful, as it removes the need to carry your medical record as an excess baggage every time you visit a doctor, the best being users can show up these records to any doctor, no matter what part of the world they are in.

image thumb73 Google Docs working upon a redesign: We just want better features have no issues with simplicity

There are warnings before hand of something happening but Google is making an announcement stating that Google Docs will be undergoing a redesign. Perhaps Google wants people to be excited while Microsoft also highlights the release of Office 2010 with a movie and what not. So what will this new interface offer to users? We can definitely count on having a better sharing interface, which is definitely needed to ease things up for users. Of course one can already share on Google Docs, one thing that makes it so effective for businesses to collaborate, etc but smoothing things up will make a big difference. The blog post makes it all too exciting, as if its something big coming up, well big or not, Google must know what expectations users have and it must fulfill them.