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image thumb10 Artists help Google with promotion of Music Search Launch

Music Onebox search from Google, which we thought to be coming in due time has been rescheduled to release early. Many artists will be offering songs and numerous downloads for the Music Search. Just search for the artist’s name to grab the exclusives. Well that in no manner means that those songs will only be available on Google sites but also on the sites where they are hosted. A few artists available at present are Tim McGraw, Phoenix, Mos Def, to name a few.

image thumb9 Google gets a pinch: Turkish Government to charge $47 Million

First the deal with O2 in Germany to Yahoo and now we have more trouble for Google as the Turkish Government fined it with $47 Million. The purpose? The authorities found that the search giant was involved in a tax fraud. The authorities require Google to pay taxes on the revenue it generates through the registered companies in the country. Google on the other hand says that no wonder it leads the search market in Turkey, but the entire ad network is based in Ireland, which exempts it from paying taxes to Turkey. There has been no final settlement on the issue and both parties are still involved in talks for some sort of settlement. By the way do you think that every other region finds it easy to squeeze cash from Google or Google uses its leader position to escape from the clutches of laws, etc? Do give us your opinion in the comments.

image thumb6 Yahoo signs deal with O2 Germany, Google gets a boot. But will it really hurt Google?

Not all news from Germany can be bad news for all and this one is definitely good for Yahoo as Yahoo signed up a much needed deal with O2 Germany to become a mobile search and services partner. The bad part is that Google was previously the partner for the same. With this O2 subscribers will be able to access Yahoo Search across its mobile portals and Yahoo will offer sponsored ads along with the results. I just wonder how effective would this be given that it will only place Yahoo’s search box on O2 site. I mean who uses that when you have Google which is so widely used? As for facts, Google still has a 70% mobile market share in Germany compared to Yahoo 8.2%.

image thumb4 And now Voice Search on Google in Chinese, even on older Nokia sets

Google will soon be everywhere and that is exactly what it wants. It reigns supreme on the Web, continually expanding it influence and the Android has given it the key to step in the dimension of the Mobile area. The search is its key playground and the mobile devices are its primary focus at present and voice search is one of the best efforts it has made to ease search.  While this option had been available for the Android, iPhone in English, the same has now extended to the Chinese language plus it is also supported on the previous versions of the S60 phones. Now if anyone of you happens to be using it we will be more than happy to hear the feedback you have on how the feature works for the Chinese language and leave your comments.

image thumb1 Orkut set for redesign, trying to keep itself alive

Orkut is set to redesign its web page and as always doing things when Facebook has actually done it ages back. The redesign will make site much faster and every action is now placed right in front and the center, again like Facebook and other networks. Plus it has also cut short the number of pages making it easier to keep an eye on all updates as well as comment on statuses. It has also integrated numerous features from Google Maps, etc as well. Orkut might not be able to get over Facebook, but it can definitely hold its lead in India and Brazil where it still reigns supreme.

To call this one impressive will be under estimating the purpose and the worth Google Maps Navigation is. The new app, which is only available for the Android 2.0 based phones, which would leave many of the iPhone fanboys rubbing their hands in envy. The first device to run this application is  Moto Droid, which is also the first phone running the Android 2.0. Though Google Maps boasts of having more than 50 million users, but this app is really a huge jump and will win Google’s Android a massive following, given that it is free compared to the other navigation units that are currently available. Plus it offers a wide variety of features which include:

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image thumb70 Motorola set to bring its Android based phones out on November 6

There have been quite some talks about Motorola working on a device to come running on the Android platform. Well it appears that the Moto Droid is just a week away from the launch and will be available on November  6. The price tag on this will be $199 and will come with a two year contract. Apart from that users will need to pay $39 for the voice plan and $29 for the email plan. It will be interesting to see what exactly is the device like and is it really worth all the effort they are putting. To be honest the device looks too much like old HTC models, just my thoughts.

U2 Live on YouTube

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image thumb48 Google might have some to Rock about with release of its Music service

It’s everywhere, so why keep away from Music? Google continues to add more dimensions as it plans to launch its own music service and reports state that it might be called Google Audio. We aren’t aware of any other detail save that the service will primarily be available for users in the US. Lets see how this initiative proceeds and how many fingers point at it with acquisition.

There has been a lot Google has been doing other than search, making Maps to letting users create 3D models for buildings. Here is another idea it is putting to practice by letting users point out interesting spots for Google Street View’s Trike. The Trike is what Google utilizes to go to places that are otherwise inaccessible for its car. Users can of course assign the places which include, sports venues, landmarks, parks, malls, etc.

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