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image thumb155 How To: Manually Power Your Droid Incredible With Froyo

Not many are patient enough to wait for things to come to them, they would gladly rush into things. I am one example, I have the HTC Desire running Android 2.1 and I am impatient for a better method on how to install Froyo on Desire. However there is some good news for Droid Incredible users as Verizon is pushing the manual update for the Froyo.

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image thumb152 Google Wave – Lurking Like A Zombie Before Eternal Sleep

I reported earlier this month of Google shutting down Google Wave after all the hype it created with its launch and then dying down. Appears as if the idea of going from invite only to public contributed more to its death than a rapid growth. However the services isn’t dead as yet as Google has extended its availability till the end of 2010.

The purpose? Google wants to have users import all the data they have shared on Wave by giving them tools to do so. These will be made available in the next month or two, definitely before December to give you enough time to export your Waved stuff. It saddens me to see this great tool die down, it was definitely ahead of its time and a great initiative and I think poor marketing was primarily responsible for it dying so abruptly. I personally think if Google would have had made a little extra effort to promote this, Wave would have lived up to the expectations that Google had: an evolution of communicating and collaborating online.

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image thumb151 Google Releases Priority Inbox, Makes Your G mail Smarter

Google to me means big, improving your Web experience and of course including some concerns of putting too much trust on one service. But it has definitely evolved our experience with services like the Search, and more importantly, Gmail. The free email service continues to make emailing better. Today Google is taking a step further by helping you keep an eye on emails that are or should be your top priority.

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image thumb150 Another Impressive Google Experiment: Arcade Fire Brings Music To HTML 5

What would future music videos be like?  We have got applications that continue to get better, browsers that continue to get more powerful and online video channels to make your record get viral instantly. Lets keep business out for an instant and head over to the power of HTML 5. Fret not, I am not going to talk about the coding, etc, just a video created specifically for the browser.

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image thumb147 Microsoft Bing Comes To Android….. Wait! It’s Not For Non Verizon Customers!

Curse be the day when I recommend anyone to use Microsoft’s Bing. On the Android devices specifically. I have no reason why but I simply consider the very thought of Bing to be sinister. Anyhow coming to the news, Microsoft has released the Bing app coming to the Android platform and to begin with, it is only available for the Verizon customers. Talk about exclusivity!

A lot is missing as users won’t be able to get hold of the complete Binging experience. Nonetheless you will be able search images, news, get directions on maps, etc. Something which Google Maps already does with its app  but it misses out navigation via voice.  Other than that it provides a more simpler experience when it comes to searching for business around you. It’s isn’t as effective and precise compared to traditional services like Yelp, etc, but i guess that won’t be missed much. It does have Voice Search which Google had already introduced, but I am sure it wont be as swift compared to what Google has to offer.

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image thumb144 Google Continues Experimentation With Chrome OS, Indications That It Will Power iPad Competitors

Google continues to make Chrome powerful and more importantly giving users a better way to test run the many experimental features it has to offer. It’s obvious that Google sees the role of the browser being a minute part of the Chrome OS it has in plans. The browser has evolved quite a lot beginning from one with no support for extensions.

Today more reports of Google bolstering it surfaced stating that it has already enabled speech recognition in the upcoming builds of Chrome. The inclusion of about:labs lets you get your hands on experimental stuff that isn’t meant for those who fear testing things out. One feature for Windows users is that they view tabs on the left while those using the Mac can get the feel of the Tab Expose [you can get hold of more experiments at Chrome Labs].

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image thumb140 Google Continues With Its Social Strategy For Google Me: Shops Angstro

Google continues to bolster its social networking initiative, Google.Me. The latest step is the acquisition of Angstro, a startup launched back in 2008 with a purpose to provide aggregated business news to professionals. The startup leveraged the existing social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to help people discover and share news about their colleagues. The acquisition makes sense, and falls perfectly into Google’s recent line of action.

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image thumb136 Google Real Time Search Gets Its Own Homepage And New Features

When you have a great product, you need to make it stand out and Google has done exactly that with its Real Time Search. Lets go back in time when Google launched this last year and honestly it made the search results page ugly. Thanks to all those Twitter updates stuffed between results, which proved to be more bothersome than helpful. Today the search giant has given a new page to the Real Time Search.

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image thumb135 Wrong Email? Fret Not As Gmail Gives You 30 Seconds To Undo A Message

It has happened several times with me when I typed an email and sent it only to realize I shouldn’t have done so. Google did provide us a precious 5 seconds to cancel sending an email via Gmail, 5 seconds, err…

However the good news is that the time duration has been extended to around half a minute. That gives you a good 30 seconds to undo sending an email. Just don’t confuse that you can undo messages that have been sent already. What Gmail does is keep an email on hold for the given duration before forwarding it to the recipient.

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image thumb133 A Decade Of Google Acquisitions   Infographic

A picture speaks a thousand words. Someone rightly said so because reading a history of acquisitions is a huge pain. Especially when the period is almost a decade and you are talking about Google. I would personally never bother to read the entire history, which is why the illustration is always welcome.

Just to clear out, the infograph also includes investments made by Google in other firms. So if you see Zynga and AOL at the top also watch for the asterisk ‘* which states that these firms have received investments from the search giant.

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