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image thumb37 And now Google Earth tells you where in Pakistan did U.S missile strike Taliban leader

There is no doubt that Google has given the people a taste of what exactly things would look like via spy satellite with Google Earth. There has been a bit of confusion about the death of Baitullah Mehsud, the leader of Talibans in Pakistan but Google Earth now pin points the exact location where the missile hit. Now where is the satellite in all this? Nowhere to be precise, but it makes me wonder what sort of a map is Google Earth going to display in the future if it continues with missile strike pointing? Let’s forget all this, but I appreciate the fact that Google Earth is doing the much needed, exposing the truth where and how it happens, take me back to the Darfur report earlier.

image thumb24 Google brings tragedies of Darfur to Google Earth

Evolution, that’s what Google is all about and the way it has sprung past everyone in the Websphere. While not all things that result from its evolution are great but some are more than useful , like the update for Google Earth which bolsters its coverage of Darfur. In collaboration with U.S Departments Humanitarian Information Unit along with U.S Holocaust Museum Memorial, it now showcases more than 3,300 villages that have suffered mass genocide. The idea is to provide a clearer image on what actually it is like to have villages after villages being eliminated. one can see images of those villages before and after the devastation. This is where Google Earth makes itself more than just a tool to view the Earth in 3D and with this it’s keeping spotlight on the issue which has sort of vanished in recent times.

image thumb175 Google Earth brings its Plugin to Chrome

Chrome users at last get their Google Earth plugin. The news was brought forward via Google Earth mailing list. This is going to be pretty great update for Chrome users as they will no more have to switch browsers to view the same in another. A Google employee stated:

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image thumb10 Google Earth 5.0 takes a step beyond Earth let’s you hover Mars’ surface

Google has done it once again, something out of the box and the reason why it continues to take lead in everything that has to do web. Today, with the launch of Google Earth 5.0 it brought something for space enthusiasts a chance to see what it is like on Mars. This is done the same way as it has been using images of our own planet. The Mars project has come in partnership with NASA to let users and even researchers who can’t get hands at resources for free. A NASA stated:

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pradobldg 610x405 thumb View Prado Museum’s art collection with Google Earth

pradomenu 610x405 thumb View Prado Museum’s art collection with Google Earth

pradozoom 610x405 thumb View Prado Museum’s art collection with Google Earth

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Event Planning Simplified – Atomeet

image thumb93 Event Planning Simplified   Atomeet

Lets face it, event planning is not a piece of cake. And today event planning companies take thousands of dollars just to give your friends and family, “The Classy Touch” to your event. But here is Atomeet, a new service which helps you become your own event organizer with class and without hassle.

Using Google Maps technology, the service enables you to pinpoint the lactation of the event and the intuitive design helps you fill in details, as easy as ABC. Then going towards inviting people, the service enables you send invitations using your existing contacts, and even converse with them in real time.

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Pay-as-you-go Computer – By Microsoft

office prepaid Pay as you go Computer – By Microsoft

Microsoft has filed a patent for a unique simple but powerful business idea, The patent was filed back in 2007, but the U.S. Patent Office published it on Christmas Day 2008

We are unsure if Microsoft goes fully functional implementing this patent but its good that instead of paying for all the hardware and software upfront, the initial purchase price would be subsidized by the manufacturer. Microsoft says it could charge $1.00 per hour for an “office” bundle, $1.25 for gaming, and $0.80 for web browsing.

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preselect option thumb Google Chrome still has a lot to do

Google’s browser Chrome is out of the beta and so it can be a part of any deal or promotion. Now when you try to install Google Earth from XP or Vista OS, you will be faced by a totally unrelated page (pictured above). Also you will see a pre-selected option saying Include Google Chrome, a new web browser for Windows.Though this pre-selected option appears at the top, Google still thinks that people will just click on Agree and Download without reading the complete content.

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googleearth ny Now get an updated 3D view of New York with Google Earth

Google Earth has updated its 3D view of New York’s buildings, so you can now see how the city has developed. You can also see what has changed in the city since January 2007 till now on this blog.

google earth osx Now on Mac OS X: Google Earth browser plugin

Google Earth’s browser plugin has finally arrived for Mac OS X (Intel and PowerPC) after coming out for Windows about half a year ago. Mac users can now scan the earth and enjoy Google’s satellite imagery service from home. Google Earth plugin for Mac OS X is available for download at the GE API website. It is notable that the launch came 5 weeks after the GE iPhone app arrived, though Linux users might have to wait longer for a compatible version.