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image thumb408 Gmail dodged by  spammers: Incapable to detect Viruses in Password Protected Attachments

Spammers have found a way through all the security processes in Gmail that protect users from receiving emails with viruses. The new way round is by sending virus as password protected attachments that Gmail; the content of which it cannot read. Amit Agarwal reports of this as he received mails that carried attachments with viruses that were password protected, one advice to follow this is to make sure you check out attachments by forwarding such mails to scan@virustotal.com to make sure it isn’t carrying a virus.

image thumb379 Gmail: ‘It wasn’t a security flaw but phishing activity’

Google has responded to the Gmail security flaw we highlighted earlier and has denied that cases of the sort are in no way associated to Gmail. The blog post also mentioned that most of the victims were phishing targets. Many would talk of it be the regular reasoning coming from Gmail protecting its position but I will side with them. I have come across many a phishing schemes that are always throwing in the baits to fish out careless internet users. About the last years domain theft issue, the blog post responded by s stating:

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image thumb322 Gmail Vulnerability exploited yet again

Looks like a cracker is roaming free in the web-sphere, ceasing every opportunity to steal a domain and he is using a Gmail flaw for the purpose. There have been three cases in less than three weeks as Aibek reports of it and it appears he is still at large while targets voice their issue and beg concerned parties (a.k.a Gmail, domain registration sites, etc). The cracker is using a Gmail vulnerability (first reported almost a year back) that had been discussed at length on GNUCitizen but it appears the problem has once again caught attention and is already causing stir in the web world. Aibek has listed a few steps to minimize any such threat through your Gmail account:

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image thumb319 Google adds life to Gmail: ‘We have a new login page for you’

Phew! At last Google lets go of its traditional all-white appearance and puts some image for the winter. And it appears pretty nice, I wasn’t quite sure if this was actually the Gmail login page I was visiting and had to retype the URL, just in case it’s some bogus site popped up with a Gmail logo to fool me into entering my ID ( I know I sound pretty stupid saying all this, but that’s what I felt). This may not be a permanent one, as Google is known for putting up new logos based for various occasions. But there had been some steps to make Gmail more colorful with the availability of themes a couple of days back. Overall it appears much more pleasant to the eyes, I for one had grown pretty tired of the old page.

Orkut get’s Integrated Chat Functionality

videoa7025cfd887c3 Orkut get’s Integrated Chat Functionality


Veteran Social Network Orkut today finally announced it’s Google talk integrated chat feature, similar to that in Gmail. It’s been quite late if you look at the feature that is being released today in comparison to that present in Facebook.

Google Talk in orkut lets you:

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gmailsuperstars1 Add custom stars to your email with Gmail SuperstarsYou may have come across Gmail Labs’ Superstars feature that let you mark messages with icons other than the default yellow star. Now with the help of Gmail Superstars Turbo Greasemonkey user script, you can add more stars and also create new ones. To enable the Superstars feature you just have to go to the Settings of the Gmail and enable the option from the Labs section. To use a custom star, just keep on clicking the star until you get your desired one. Gmail Superstars Turbo script works with the Firefox and Greasemonkey, and can be downloaded for free.

image thumb80 Gmail tip: Search only the beginning of conversationsFor those of you looking for a way to search only the very start of a conversation in Gmail, then one of our friends has got a tip that’s pretty useful. The method removes the hassle to have entire conversations being displayed and this is done by using a simple syntax with your search, just replace Name with that of a person whose conversation you need to search in the following:

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rtmgoog thumb Google adds feature of To Do list in Gmail Google has been experimenting with its Gmail service to make things more interesting, offering integration with Docs and Google Calendar. Though this recent integration of Remember The Milk shows a sign that Google is ready to go with integration beyond its own services. As we reviewed the service before, it’s a popular To-Do list app that allows users to remember their daily chores and you’re able to access the list from a variety of locations. The new Gmail gadget is accessible through all popular browsers, but you’ll have to enable it by going to the ‘Add any gadget by URL’ feature in Gmail Labs, and manually enter the Remember The Milk gadget location. If you’re in doubt, go here to find out more about the addition process.

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image thumb47 Gmail – A Bunch Of Stuff is Now in the Bakery

Just today when I logged into my Google Gmail account, I saw a notice hyperlink at the top mentioning about some new features that are being developed by the Google Gmail team.

As you can see on the top right hand corner a link mentioning “New! A bunch of stuff” reflecting that of some pretty exciting add-on’s to Gmail for a better, more collaborative and well fun to use Gmail with the pure essence of Web. 2.0 at it’s heart.

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