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image thumb71 Gmail crawls past AOL to be the third most popular Web Email service

While it took a long time to step out of beta, Gmail has made huge strides to grow rapidly. Presently it became the third most popular Web email service surpassing AOL Email. It currently has more than 37 million users, just 10 million short of the 47 million that Windows Live Hotmail has. Now that still is quite a distant dream and the number one spot which is held firmly by Yahoo Mail with 106 million users but if Google does keep putting out better features it will definitely take little time to grab the number two position. With an ever increasing storage space and new features coming in on daily basis, I am pretty sure that it wont have a tough time crossing Hotmail.

image thumb16 Hide Labels to make Gmail look less crowded on netbooks

Google has got a new feature for Gmail to make things neater. The feature; Remove Labels from Subjects hides the labels associated to the emails you receive, something which always managed to make your inbox look over crowded. I bet those with larger screens won’t mind having those, but things change a lot when you are using a smaller screen or more ironic, a netbook. You can turn this feature on from settings beneath the Labs tab.

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image thumb55 Gmail gets Verified Accounts Key to stop phishing

In a bid to make Gmail more secure and protected from phishing scams, the Gmail team has added another useful feature that verifies if the email has come a legal site or not.  Users can turn the feature on by turning on the Authentication icon for Verified senders from settings in the Labs section. With this on, users will see a key next to the emails, which means that the email received is trustworthy. Currently is only limited to PayPal and eBay. This is definitely going to be more common as Gmail sees how effective it is with the current system, eventually having more verified accounts so that users may readily trust the emails coming from each.

image thumb2 Gmail gets drag and drop and other features

More features keep making way to Gmail every now and then. The latest coming in are the Labels features to bring more functionality. First up the labels have been located just above your chat interface as well as letting you decide what labels should be visible there or not. However the drag and drop option to put messages into labels is more than useful. This is going to satisfy al those who had issues with Gmail not having the features for quite a long time.

image thumb113 Gmail Ninja.. Are you Ninja enough?

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image thumb79 Gmail now lets you import more fields for contacts

Gmail has got another useful update which makes importing contacts much easy as well as support for additional fields. Previously Gmail only allowed the import of a few fields when a user imported contacts from other applications like Outlook, etc but that’s no more the case. Users can add additional fields to their contacts like their website, birthday, etc, giving you a chance to get all the information about  each contact.

gmaillogo thumb Google releases anther Gmail Feature: Inbox Preview

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image thumb37 Gmail: Now you can import your mails and contacts from other email accounts

Gmail makes another move to make it ever more useful as it enables users to import their mails and contacts from other accounts. Which simply means that users can now import the years of mails they have collected, as well as the contacts present on their previous accounts right to their Gmail. Plus you can also auto forward your mails from those accounts to Gmail for 30 days. Presently the feature is available to the new Gmail accounts, which is understood because Gmail wants to make the task of switching to its email service much easier and more effective. You can see the option to do so in the settings’ tab that says’ Accounts and Import. users can upload contacts using a CSV file and fetch mail using the traditional POP3 mail.

gmailsearch thumb Google Labs: And now perform Searches in your Gmail

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