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Gmail Down Again

failwhale Gmail Down Again

It appears Google has taken a dump with the dump of Google Buzz, Jaiku and many other services it plans to kill. It appears that Gmail is down globally and where it is working, it is very slow. Make that very very slow as a matter of fact. Any clues why Gmail is down?

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image thumb74 Google’s Holiday Gift: Free Gmail Calls Throughout 2011!

If you thought Christmas and holiday gifts were all about the iPhone and the jailbreak tools think again. Google has given us a mega gift on this Christmas that will be with us, well till Christmas next.

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image thumb52 Gmail App For Android Gets Revamped, Brings Priority Inbox To Your Mobile

There’s nothing better than Google’s Gmail and even better if you are using the HTC Desire running on the Android Platform. The latest is bound to make Android users happier as the latest version of the Gmail App is now available on the Android market. Meaning users now don’t need to wait for the Android update to get the latest app.

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image thumb151 Google Releases Priority Inbox, Makes Your G mail Smarter

Google to me means big, improving your Web experience and of course including some concerns of putting too much trust on one service. But it has definitely evolved our experience with services like the Search, and more importantly, Gmail. The free email service continues to make emailing better. Today Google is taking a step further by helping you keep an eye on emails that are or should be your top priority.

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image thumb135 Wrong Email? Fret Not As Gmail Gives You 30 Seconds To Undo A Message

It has happened several times with me when I typed an email and sent it only to realize I shouldn’t have done so. Google did provide us a precious 5 seconds to cancel sending an email via Gmail, 5 seconds, err…

However the good news is that the time duration has been extended to around half a minute. That gives you a good 30 seconds to undo sending an email. Just don’t confuse that you can undo messages that have been sent already. What Gmail does is keep an email on hold for the given duration before forwarding it to the recipient.

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image thumb131 Google Enables Phone Calls On Gmail: Talk About A Dent On Carriers!

This is super awesome, beginning today Google will enabling Voice calls right from their Gmail. Alright all skeptics, we could do voice chat but that needed both folks to be at their devices, but that changes. Err, let’s not be so nice, it’s a huge hit on the phone services as users will now be able to call any phone directly from their Gmail.

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image thumb118 Google Mobile Gets An Update: Adds Push Notifications To Gmail And Calendar On iPhone

Google has just tweaked its Google Mobile App for the iOS with the addition of Push notifications for both the Google Calendar and the Gmail. With this, users will be able to set configurations on their iPhone to turn notifications on.

Upon receiving updates or notifications for the email and a popup alerts for your Calendar, users will be prompted on the Google Apps. The push notifications, especially for the Gmail aren’t new and have been available for almost a year now. But that required a lot of work; setting your Google account with one on Exchange ActiveSync. Even that was kept limited as users could only integrate one Google account per ActiveSync, but with the coming of the iOS, this has changed considerably and push notifications might just make a life bit easier for Gmail lovers.

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image thumb88 Gmail Search Goes Universal To Include Docs And Mails

Lost an important document you had on Google Docs? Ever experienced how hectic that is and how you wish finding it was slick? Well I have and it is for the same reason I love this new update from Gmail. Google has made sure that the new Labs feature makes life easier by introducing App Search on your email account.

The App Search can be enabled in the Gmail Labs Settings and with this enabled the Search Mail button will be replaced by Search Mail and Docs. This isn’t just confined to searching documents, rather spreads your query to include files, presentations and documents in your Mail as well as Docs. The search results will include any matching email messages and documents.

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image thumb44 Gmail Goes For Facelift: Contacts And Tasks More Visible

I have always found searching the contacts link on Gmail an almost impossible task, primarily because I have got hundreds of labels which require a lot of scrolling to do. In short, if there is anything bad about Gmail, it is the contacts. Today that changes, something which we had reported earlier.

The change is said to be rolled out today for all Gmail users across the globe. The update will bring the buttons for Mail, Contacts and Tasks just beneath the Gmail logo. That’s not it, the changes are beyond the relocation of buttons and when you click on the contacts, you will see some revamping of the sidebar where contacts are assigned labels. Not just that the contacts are aligned more in a manner you are accustomed to on Gmail. You have drop down menus for Groups, default categories like My Contacts, Family, Friends and Coworkers. Other than that you can of course add your own custom labels as needed.

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