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image thumb1 Google Gives Google Docs A Fresh Look And Keyboard Shortcuts

Collaborating with team members and colleagues would have been an absolute nightmare for me, had it not been for Google Docs. There might be additional collaborating tools available but the simplicity of Doc is better than any I can find. Though it does give you that ancient look and feel, but hey, what else are you looking forward to when it comes to sharing word files, excel sheets and presentations? Google however keeps the user needs in mind and keeps its services updated.

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image thumb51 Google On The Cloud – To Make Printing A Breeze With Cloud Print

I can print whatever I want to irrespective of where the document or page is: on my desktop or a page on the Web. But think Google and the Cloud bit, do you really think you will have a printer installed on your device if you walk into an office or a shop? I find it very problematic when it comes to printing a document and not having a driver installed. That’s changing as Google’s Chrome continues to build itself on taking everything to the Clouds, we have been talking and reading about the Chrome OS and it should clarify that it will provide everything via the browser, the Web.

The search giant has set itself a task to bring out Google Cloud Print. With this, users will have their problems resolved when it comes to printing anything from any application, via Web, mobile phones or your iPad for instance. The GCP is still staking the first steps in development and is one part of its bigger objective; the Chromium OS. Again printing any document from a desktop is not a problem for obvious reasons. The issue arises with the coming of handheld devices like the iPad or the Slate, which have limited memory and a device driver is the last thing you need to install. It is here that the migration to Cloud will help greatly and Google is doing exactly that.

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image thumb73 Google Docs working upon a redesign: We just want better features have no issues with simplicity

There are warnings before hand of something happening but Google is making an announcement stating that Google Docs will be undergoing a redesign. Perhaps Google wants people to be excited while Microsoft also highlights the release of Office 2010 with a movie and what not. So what will this new interface offer to users? We can definitely count on having a better sharing interface, which is definitely needed to ease things up for users. Of course one can already share on Google Docs, one thing that makes it so effective for businesses to collaborate, etc but smoothing things up will make a big difference. The blog post makes it all too exciting, as if its something big coming up, well big or not, Google must know what expectations users have and it must fulfill them.

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