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image thumb93 Google Chrome’s ‘Two in One offer’

For those of you who have made Chrome their default browser and miss Firefox’s Split Browser plugin, there is something from Google to make you happy. Google Chrome that is so famous for not supporting plugins (and tipped in to make it big someday) has just rolled out Dual View, a bookmarklet based on Javascript that performs the same function as Split Browser. Simply drag it to your bookmark toolbar, once done with that and hitting the option, users are prompted to enter addresses for the two sites they need to view simultaneously. And the best thing about Dual View is, it works for Firefox as well.

image thumb37 Google Chrome gets a fix; no more video/PDF issuesGoogle has taken the user complains pretty seriously and has at last released a plugin to rid users of the problem with viewing videos and PDF in their Chrome browser. Users can now benefit from the plugin and can at last enjoy surfing the web with Chrome. Regarding the update of their browser, those of you who use Chrome, will get automatic updates or otherwise download the latest version.

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