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image thumb206 Google Chrome vulnerable to clickjacking, are we talking about needles pricking with ever hit?

Google’s Chrome has a flaw, one that Google acknowledges as well. The browser is vulnerable to clickjacking, in which an attacker skillfully alters the link with one that leads to malicious websites without the user ever realizing what went wrong. There is another problem as highlighted that if Chrome is being affected by such attack no other browser is safe as well, but so far only Chrome stands infected. Aditya Sood, security researcher at SecNiche stated that Google is busy creating a patch to resolve the issue, stating:

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image thumb184 Google promotes Chrome at YouTube: ‘Why beg third parties for promotion when we can do better!’

I don’t think I would stop promoting anything that I create if I am the giant in the Web industry, then why would Google? The Internet search giant is promoting its open source web browser, Chrome, at YouTube as well as on Facebook. I guess promoting Chrome was one reason why Google had made upgrades at YouTube that fully support rich advertising (read visible advertising). So will we be seeing a surge in Chrome’s userbase?

chrome thumb thumb Now get RSS support for Google Chrome

Google Chrome, the browser that’s been creating buzz with its speed factor, (but lacks a lot of other features) gets support of RSS through a bookmarklet service. The web page enables on to get RSS features in Chrome through two bookmarklets available: View RSS Feed, and Auto-Detect RSS.

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firefox logo aug08 Chrome Style Tabbing Coming Soon To FireFox…

We all know how efficient is Google’s Chrome browser when it comes to handling tabs. When ever you press a link the link opens up to the immediate right of your current tab, giving you the flexibility to go to your new tab immediately without having to scroll down a million tabs like you currently do in Firefox. Might sound very small but if implemented on the world 2nd most famous browser, it could definitely be a feature that could save loads of time.

Mike Beltzner, Director of Firefox at Mozilla, said that Firefox will be soon coming out with this feature, most probably in the next release, aiming at grouping tabs like in IE8.

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googlechrome thumb Chrome gets Developments “Channelized”…

“Release early, release often,” that’s apparently the creed the Google Chrome team lives by, as it describes today on its blog. Today the Google chrome team announced that they will be releasing Google Chrome into three different channels aimed at three different types of users.

The “Stable channel” will be for everyday users, a “Beta channel” for users who want to try out new but incomplete features and a “Developer preview channel” for those who want to try out really new ideas, some of which may not be fleshed out much at all. You can select your favorite channel here.

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asus android 2010 – The Year for Android Netbooks and the Victory of Opensource ???


We all thought that  Android was only only for mobiles phones right? Well Google has something else in mind and is planning to use Android for any device. Yes I mean any device most importantly as an OS on netbooks! Now that is something awesome!! You see a Asus EEEPC 1000H running the Android OS in the picture above.

We all know Netbooks are basically small-scale PCs, but are one of the tech industries hottest selling cupcakes. And no wonder if the Android OS comes alive, Microsoft could really face a serious threat. Combined together, Linux and Android platforms could lead to the end of Microsoft’s monopoly in the OS market as well. Let alone we have seen already a drop in the browser market share of IE due to Google’s own Chrome Browser and Mozilla Firefox.

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preselect option thumb Google Chrome still has a lot to do

Google’s browser Chrome is out of the beta and so it can be a part of any deal or promotion. Now when you try to install Google Earth from XP or Vista OS, you will be faced by a totally unrelated page (pictured above). Also you will see a pre-selected option saying Include Google Chrome, a new web browser for Windows.Though this pre-selected option appears at the top, Google still thinks that people will just click on Agree and Download without reading the complete content.

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chromerss Google unveils RSS support plan in Chrome

Google’s browser Chrome has been missing the automatic discovery web page support that provides the subscription service or simply the RSS. Now the search engine giant has come up with a plan through a document in order to address the issue.

According to the document:

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image thumb340 IE8 is beaten by Chrome in Market Share Stats

TG Daily has released a side-by-side comparison of market share for both Chrome and IE 8 from the Net Applications data. I was very surprised to see that Google chrome is leading the way in comparison to Microsoft’s IE8.

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