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image thumb14 Google Releases Crash And Burn Chrome: The Experimental Chrome Canary Build

Keep evolving if you are to stay on top of the line. That is what I think and perhaps it comes from Google and its powerful web browser, Chrome. The browser has just got a latest experimental build titled the Chrome Canary and it is in every a threat to users. What makes its threatening or risky? Well Google plans to introduce this build with a bid that changes inducted will be implemented without any user verification. Which means you are the lab monkey testing out changes first up.

Before I head on further, know the risks:

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I am game for this, I am sold out to Google for putting up this super impressive video that shows the speed of Chrome. I haven’t tried the latest release, but to be honest it is game. Don’t waste time and watch the video below and let me get back to you after the jump.

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We have talked about Facebook Plugins for the Firefox quite a bit at Startup Meme. Today I will be sharing with our readers a few plugins for Google’s browser, Chrome. I haven’t been using Chrome much for my browsing purposes and had it not been the slow experience on Firefox I wouldn’t have really attempted Chrome. I came across a few interesting plugins, won’t call them super awesome but they would greatly help those who like tweaking their Facebook profile a bit.

Beautify Facebook

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image thumb31 Why I Should Use Chrome? Because Google Has Extensions For It!

Too much news about Google and the improvements and new features its bringing out. We have got Goggles for Android devices, Real Time Search and only recently we talked about Chrome coming to Macs. While each news was important, Chrome for Mac wasn’t very interesting for me; primarily because I don’t use the machine and secondly I am more interested in features of Chrome for Windows.

That changes as the extensions for Chrome for Windows will now be available for all and not just to the elite developers. While there were almost half a dozen plugins already but so much of it was left undesired. This would change things quite a lot, primarily the share Chrome has in the browser market. Though I am no authority to speak on behalf of all the Chrome users, but a few that I did get to talk about complained about Chrome not having extensions which was the only reason why they never used Chrome and preferred Firefox over it.

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image thumb29 Google Chrome For Mac is Finally Here

After all the time it took to make us wait and drool [talking about Mac users only] Google has finally pushed Chrome out for Mac lovers. The news forms the chain of the very many it released right after it announced pushing out Real Time Search. The Mac version, out but still lacks quite a lot on features when compared to its version for Windows.

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image thumb111 Google pushing Chrome out for Mac.. Minus a few features

It’s almost there, just there for the Mac as Google appears to be giving Chrome the final touches. The problem or should I say the workaround for Google is to reduce the number of features it is planning to bring out Chrome with. Why? Well that appears to be the only way that Macs can have it before the year ends.  The features that will be missing out from the release are Gears and Multi touch gestures and the App Mode that lets web based apps to function within the browser. Apart from that it will not be having full extension support as well as the support for the Full Screen mode. While these features will be missed for sure, but I guess it is better to have them come complete in the next version, the M5 and I bet it will be worth it.

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image thumb74 Google brings out the awaited Chrome OS

Google has finally pushed out the source code of its much awaited Chrome OS just before the planned press event. The whole idea is Open Source and the development is quite similar to that of the Chrome browser. Well Open Source is not all there. since Google plans to take the entire computing to the Cloud, meaning Google plans to make sure that even if you get to lose your device, the data stays intact and is accessible the moment you can log on. While I doubt how many PC users would actually go ahead to use this, but with the growing trend of more powerful netbooks coming, the Cloud based OS would definitely become the first choice for all users and with Google behind this one, I bet it’s going to make it big. Not that I am a Google fan-boy or something, but it is just the amount of rigorous development it does.

image thumb45 Chrome OS is just a week away.. but will it support drivers?

With all the confusion surrounding the Google Chrome OS project, the Google might just announce its launch in the coming week. The biggest issue to present remains the shadowy nature of the hardware drivers which its engineers desperately try to work on. The other bit of rumor also states that Google is pushing hardware manufacturers to help create drivers for them. Now, this OS might be one of the best decisions by Google of late, but if this driver issue isn’t brought to attention the whole thing might just fall apart. This indicates the obvious, Chrome OS will not be functional on any device out there and might be fully supported on a select few perhaps Lenovo, HP, to name a couple.

image thumb43 Chrome must have 10% Market share in the next Two years, else Google will be disappointed

Google has released version 3 of Chrome browser for PC users, it’s been a year and the browser has grabbed around 3% of the browser market share. Doesn’t sound quite bad but Google will only be satisfied by the browser only if grabs a 10% market share in the next two years. Well that isn’t a huge target given that it has gained a 3% share in a year, it might get close to 9% at least if it maintains its current growth, which is bound to shoot up as it releases in full swing for the Mac devices too. I guess the Google will have to utilize the Web to advertize the browser to gain more in the browser market. The real issue is that despite many people liking Chrome, many still don’t use it as a primary browser and it’s going to take some time before a complete switch is made. Until then we will continue to see spikes in its market share.