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image thumb11 Mac OS X Gets Its Version Of The Crash And Burn Chrome, The Chrome Canary

Remember the Google Chrome Canary build we mentioned back in August 2010? The crash and burn Chrome released for developers and testers who don’t mind their browser crashing in testing out new features and updates. The build is finally coming out to the Mac OS X.

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Behold the steadier, speedier and friendlier version of Google Chrome on your desktop as Google has released the beta version of Chrome 10. The speed is supposed to have been improved by 66% and while its being speedily downloaded by others make sure you get one on your desktop here.

image thumb6 Google Chrome 10 Is Faster And Ready To Download [Beta]

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It has been quite a lot of Google talk lately and we have thoroughly enjoyed it. From the coming of the Chrome Web Store to the Google Nexus S and the Chrome OS but I guess we missed out the most important news here. Google is offering its Chrome OS Netbooks right on the release of the OS itself. The launch was made spicier when Google decided to giveaway a few of these netbooks to selected people for testing. How?

image thumb43 Google Chrome OS Netbooks Giveaway Goes Live! Try Your Luck

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The D: Dive into Mobile event was quite eventful in its own way. We saw the release of the Google Nexus S from Samsung and the coming of the Chrome OS as well. However the more essential announcement in my opinion was the official launch of the Google Chrome Web Store. Call it the the App Store of Google for the Chrome web browser and the Chrome OS, but the name doesn’t matter much as long as it has the name Google linked to it.

image thumb39 Google Chrome Web Store Now Live!

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image thumb18 Google Chrome OS Coming On December 7, Hold Steady Windows!

There has been a lot of fuss indeed over the coming of the Google Chrome OS since July last year. We have seen it running on the Apple iPad and Google’s plans to use the Chrome OS to power iPad competitors alike. But today reports broke out about the upcoming Google Chrome OS Event which is scheduled to take place on December 7 in San Francisco.

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image thumb76 Google Chromium OS Running On Apple iPad

The news is about web developer and hacker, Hexxeh experimenting with the Chromium OS build and has managed to power the Apple iPad with Google’s Chromium OS. How has he installed the Chromium OS on the iPad? Well we aren’t aware of it as yet. But he has been one of those early adopters, since the release of the Chromium OS source.

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image thumb150 Another Impressive Google Experiment: Arcade Fire Brings Music To HTML 5

What would future music videos be like?  We have got applications that continue to get better, browsers that continue to get more powerful and online video channels to make your record get viral instantly. Lets keep business out for an instant and head over to the power of HTML 5. Fret not, I am not going to talk about the coding, etc, just a video created specifically for the browser.

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image thumb113 Top 10 Twitter Extensions For Google ChromeI have been suing using Firefox for well, over two years with the Google Chrome being my secondary one. The only problem that kept me away initially was the lack of extension support but that changed thanks to all the development lately.

I will be using this post to highlight the top Twitter extensions for the Google Chrome browser, getting used to them myself before I can actually make a shift to making Chrome my preference. I have kept the list short, just a disclaimer before our respectful readers complain of having left many others. Read More »

image thumb54 Chrome To Phone From Google Lets You Push Websites From Desktop To Your Android Phones

Ever felt that there should be an easy for you to shift the websites you most often visit on your desktop to be readily available on your phone? Well Google today released Chrome to Phone for all phones running the Android [version 2.2 only].

This tool enables you to easily push websites you are visiting on your Chrome browser directly to your mobile device. This had been created by Dave Burke and it is quite simple to use. You can enable this by clicking a mobile icon on your browser and porting the sites to your phone. This can be done for any web page you visit. While all this sounds quite simple to come from Google, pushing forward websites isn’t the only thing it does. Chrome to Phone also does the same with directions and phone numbers.

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image thumb21 Drag And Drop Attachments In Gmail.. On Chrome Only For Now

Good news for all us Gmail users first Google announced the ability to access multiple accounts on Gmail and today the email service eased downloading attachments. It was a nightmare at first, taking ages to click on the link, press OK to download or select a folder with numerous clicks. All that changes today as Gmail enabled drag and drop attachments in your email, though this is only available on the Chrome browser.

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