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image thumb14 Mozilla Releases Firefox 4 Beta 1 For Android: Take Your Browser Anywhere!

To all those Firefox fans out there also having an Android phone there is good news. Mozilla just announced the release of the Firefox 4 Beta 1 for Android. The app is called Fennec [I guess I recall talking about it ages back] and is available for download at the Mozilla Site, which should ensure that it is official [I get a lot of emails and questions about an app being official or not]. You can download Firefox 4 Beta 1 here and take your Firefox anywhere.

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image thumb8 Could The iPhone’s Retina Display Be Bettered By Android Based Phones? Sharp’s IS03 Ensures It Does

Lets face it, when it comes to screen display, Android phones are no way close to the screen quality that you get on the iPhone. And with iPhone 4 and it’s Retina display many of the top Android based phones from numerous manufacturers have been left behind. The screen resolutions on all the top models, including the HTC Desire HD, Evo 4G, Nexus One and the Samsung Galaxy S are all limited to 800 by 480 pixels, it isn’t bad, but it leaves a lot desired, especially when you have used the Apple iPhone for a couple of hours.

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image thumb7 T Mobile G2 Gets A Quick Root For Android Froyo, Do These Developers Ever Stop Rooting, Hacking, etc?

I have just made a switch to Android to brand myself as a person with a smartphone and I am hooked. The extent is not just confined to using those addictive apps or games but almost instantly had me trying to figure out ways to root, hack and do all sorts of coding possible. Honestly, I know I am not really into all that but folks at XDA are all into this. The T-mobile G-2 has just been out and almost instantly the developer community has had it rooted.

The T-Mobile G2 by HTC comes with the stock version of the Android 2.2, which means there is not a lot you can. At least those developers think there needs to be some toying around with the code and get the device rooted. The method that has been used is temporary and the root access disappears right upon a reboot. It is therefore advisable that once you do make an effort just try not to restart the device or you will be repeating the whole procedure again.

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image thumb3 Expect Android Running On The iPhone 4 Soon!

Now I almost always wonder what if Apple, in some seriously cracked state of mind decides to release an iPhone fully customized for the Google Android OS? I know it’s never happening but still. Haven’t you asked yourself when and how can you run Android on the iPhone 4? For those of you who are very new, you can already power your iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G and the iPod Touch with Android.

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image thumb 3D Movies Coming To iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android Devices

Say 3D once and you almost instantly feel you are talking about something cool [well at least kids in my neighborhood think so]. Cool or not good news is that all the iOS and Android powered devices will soon provide their users a great 3D experience.

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image thumb73 Guide: How To Manually Update Android 2.2.1 On Google Nexus One

What good is having a smartphone when all you have to do is wait for your carrier to bring the update? Going manual is always the best way for all those anxious users who can’t wait. Google’s Nexus One is getting an OTA update for its Android 2.2.1 and though we aren’t sure of what this is going to bring for the users lets be assured that it will ensure stability of the device.

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clip image002 Motorola DROID R2 D2 Coming On September 30, Riding On Verizon

Recall Motorola going the George Lucas’ way with a special release of their Android based phone? Well if you had been one of those waiting for the R2-D2 Droid from Motorola then wait no more as Verizon hints at the device will be in stores on September 30. I just wonder if this release would encourage an epic collection of Star Wars’ collection.

The device will be the second generation of the DROID 2 with an R2-D2 touch to it. It will also boast an updated 1.2 GHz processor compared to the 750MHz that powered the DROID 2. Other than looks of the R2-D2 it would also have the R2-D2 ringtone and sounds for notifications, a clock widget, four live wallpapers and a bonus binoculars app. Let me just clarify, that the 1.2GHz processor is not yet confirmed, which if not true will be quite a disappointment. I mean if looks are all that matter, they can even try to turn Barbie into a Doll Mobile?

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image thumb64 Its Really Cool To Pee In Your Pants! Nokia Android War Goes A Video Ahead

A day or two back Nokia’s outgoing head, Anssi Vanjoki had great thoughts to share on the Android Platform. Honestly I was disappointed, more than I was when Steve Jobs acted like a whiner and blamed ever phone in the universe having the Antennagate issue. The respectable head, while talking to Financial Times was of the opinion that people using Android are like Finnish boys who pee in their pants to keep themselves in the cold Finnish winters. How sick! How irresponsible and downright lame!

Well Google has been quite, which I think is good as Google doesn’t need to stoop to such low level. But folks at TechCrunch shared a video by Eclectic Method which takes the Nokia VS Android battle … a video forward. Enjoy!

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image thumb52 Gmail App For Android Gets Revamped, Brings Priority Inbox To Your Mobile

There’s nothing better than Google’s Gmail and even better if you are using the HTC Desire running on the Android Platform. The latest is bound to make Android users happier as the latest version of the Gmail App is now available on the Android market. Meaning users now don’t need to wait for the Android update to get the latest app.

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P9100254 thumb 7 Step Guide To Hack/Jailbreak Your PS3 With Android Phone

Own a PS3 and an Android powered phone? Are you sick of doing those Jailbreaks or reading tips on how to Jailbreak your iPhone? Here’s something different, a tip to hack your Sony PlayStation with Google Android Phones. Let’s call it a jailbreak instead.

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