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image thumb44 Samsung all set to release three Android powered phones this year

While many of us are anticipating the Android to be powering T-Mobile’s home phones, Samsung has confirmed that it will be releasing three sets powered by Google’s OS. The confirmation came from Dr. Won-Pyo Hong, EVP of global product strategy in mobile communication division talking to Forbes magazine. These devices will be launched from the second half of this year with the first one coming in June. I am not sure what these devices are going to be like, but can anyone guess names for those? What about Samsung Utopia for one?

image thumb28 T Mobiles next phone to be powered by Android

There is no stopping innovation and manufacturers bringing out one gadget after another. Currently the NYT reports that T-Mobile is planning to release Google’s Android powered tablet and home phone. The paper reports that both devices are set to make way into the market next year with phone’s release followed shortly by that of the tablet. The idea signals the complete integration of computers with phones in the near future as many of the cellular devices being manufactured provide features beyond what phones were intended to provide.  Let’s see where all this heads out for and how further the next step in innovation takes us.

image thumb29 HTC Magic/G2: Vodafone to ship devices in April

HTC Magic, G2 is coming out in April as the website confirms. As I had said earlier, the device looks way better than its ancestor, the G1 and has the charm with its less bulky appearance. Although I am quite surprised why they would chose white for the device (any clues). It consists of the following features:

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image thumb124 Google Spreadsheets can now be edited on the iPhone and Android

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image thumb37 O2 Germany may release half a dozen Android phones

O2 will be releasing half a dozen or so devices running the Android platform. If this one turns out true, Android will soon take the lead in the smartphone industry. O2 announced this in Munich, Germany at its O2 Innovation Days 2009. O2 ranks number three as a carrier with over 220 million subscriptions and would bring the sort of boost that would push Android into the lead. But so far there has been no word officially from the Open Handset Alliance about this. Any tips on when this turns to reality?

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image thumb221 T Mobile is coming out with HTC G2, definitely!

Looks like T-Mobile isn’t worried about its low subscriber growth in the fourth quarter, given that the Android G1 didn’t actually score as had been anticipated. The carrier is focusing at bringing in more HTC G1s for the world as Neville Ray confirms. This was confirmed this at FierceWireless, stating further:

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beforeaftercw igoogle Bye Bye – iGoogle Optimized for the iPhone…

Remember the iPhone optimized iGoogle page that was introduced in January 2008, last year? As Reports have surfaced today that the sleek UI has been replaced with the unified mobile format for iGoogle that renders similarly on most mobile browsers, including Google’s own Webkit-based Android browser.

The previous version was sleek and had a single column view for easier navigation.

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google htc dream Telstra Looks Forward to the new HTC Android phone

HTC is reportedly working on a new Android-based touch-screen phone for Australian carrier Telstra. A senior Telstra executive stated that:

The new touch phone has been developed using a combination of the Google Android operating system and Linux based software written by HTC. The screen is believed to be bigger than current offerings from HTC.We have seen both and we believe that the new HTC phone will be a real competitor to the iPhone and the Pre which at this stage looks nice but is still not delivered to market.

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