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image thumb18 Limera1n Now Available For Download. Jailbreak  iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G And iPad On iOS 4.1

We have talked extensively on how to jailbreak iPhon3G, 3GS, iPod Touch and the iPad. And only yesterday we reported about Geohot’s return with the all new Limera1n jailbreak tool for the third generation Apple devices, which include the iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G/3GS, iPhone 4, iPad and the iPod Touch devices running on iOS 4.1. Unlike the GreenPoisOn jailbreak tool which is only for the fourth generation of the Apple devices, Limera1n would jailbreak all of these.

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image thumb113 Top 10 Twitter Extensions For Google ChromeI have been suing using Firefox for well, over two years with the Google Chrome being my secondary one. The only problem that kept me away initially was the lack of extension support but that changed thanks to all the development lately.

I will be using this post to highlight the top Twitter extensions for the Google Chrome browser, getting used to them myself before I can actually make a shift to making Chrome my preference. I have kept the list short, just a disclaimer before our respectful readers complain of having left many others. Read More »

image thumb99 Essential Tips For Bloggers: 5 Things A Blogger Must Avoid

Experience is the best teacher, I firmly believe that but we have heard an old saying that says a wise person is one who learns from mistakes made by others. I have had trouble in my blogging career, troubles of all sorts. From befriending friends on Twitter, to making a decent Facebook page that engages the right people with the right stuff, all the way to actually writing a post. I just thought I would share what I have learned in this post hoping it helps others and more importantly if others can share tips with us at Startup Meme.

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image thumb64 Startup Tip: Put Down That wallet; Why Startups May Not Need A Lawyer To Form A Corporation

The guest post is written by Nellie Akalp; CEO & Co-Founder of CorpNet, Incorporated, her second incorporation filing service company based on the simple philosophy of truth in business and her strong passion to assist small business owners and entrepreneurs in getting their business off the ground in a fast, reliable, and affordable manner.

I have nothing against lawyers. I’m married to one, in fact. And I myself graduated law school and obtained my JD (Juris Doctorate Degree) back in 1998. But with that said, there are times when attorneys are overused — and those unnecessary retainer fees and hourly rates can hurt the startup process when cash is tight.

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image thumb 5 Tips On How To Be A Power Social Networker

There is no shortcut to learning and experience always help you find the right answers, methods, etc to succeed and better plan for. It even includes building up a reputation and gaining the trust of those around you. Especially on the Web, where your activity online is your only true representative. I will be sharing a few tips on how to possibly build a healthier online reputation the various social networks you are a part of.

Before I continue, let me clarify that these tips are not social network specific and apply to everything and anyway you connect to people.

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image thumb47 5 Essential WordPress Plugins For Bloggers

Do you aspire to be a blogger? Or already have a personal blog on WordPress but looking forward to tips or must have plugins? Let me tell you that there are thousands of plugins that WordPress has to offer depending on your need and how you would utilize each. But no one is using all of those, even the best blogs, meaning there is always a preference and some of those plugins are really essential, almost every blog out there has those.

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image thumb62 How to Generate Sales in 30 Days Using Social Media

When you ask someone with a successful social media presence how to build your own audience, the answer most often is, “Write a blog post, Tweet it to your following, and share it on Facebook and LinkedIn.” But what if you do not have many followers on Twitter or Facebook Fans?

A few weeks ago, we decided to start a process to answer the question:  “How can a business that does not have many hits on their website, has no followers on Twitter, and no Fans on Facebook, generate sales leads using inbound marketing in only 30 days?”

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image thumb17 7 Must Know Tips For Facebook Fan Page Owners

It will surprise me greatly if you happen to have a Web presence and yet not have a Facebook Fan page. In my opinion it is the best possible way to gain exposure for your brand or a cause. It can be a page for your charity that you can manage at ease without actually having a Web page that is administered by a web master, plus it is far more easier to invite friends, friends of friends over. The social network as we all know talked pretty loudly about opening up and making the Web revolve around Facebook at this years’ f8. One reason why you see a Like button on every site [almost] and emphasis to have data on the social network more open.

This obviously means it also has the fan pages in mind and to get more traffic to these pages. Call it Search Engine Optimization or tweaking your page to get more eyes, it is clear that more people should be linked back to Facebook and kept within its platform. Today we will talk about the most common of strategies that every Facebook Page owner must be aware of:

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image thumb1 5 Must Have Tools And Apps For Enhanced Facebook Experience

It’s been quite some time when we last talked about a few useful apps for a killer Facebook experience. Thanks to reports on the f8, the Like and the Instant personalization blab that kept us occupied. Today we will be sharing a few more useful tools and apps for our Facebook users.

To be honest it is quite a difficult task to make a list as we are just limited to share only those apps which we test. Therefore we are looking forward for our readers to share the apps that they love the best when it comes to Facebook. Here is our list of the 5 apps and tools for this week.

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