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image thumb24 And Facebook Buys 18 Patents Of Friendster – So The Domination Keeps Getting Absolute?

I was talking about Facebook spending big bucks in my analysis yesterday to expand its business and reach, primarily owing to the high level of advertiser trust the social network has garnered in the last year. Today VentureBeat’s reports make that concrete as the social network acquired patents of Friendster.

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image thumb20 Facebook Continues Its Win Win Road Run As Advertisers Boost Ad Spending

Everyone has eyes on a large market that attracts people in large numbers and more importantly keeps them engaged or glued to. The same rule applies online when services grow massive and advertisers are ready to flood investments in these services or destinations. The example is Facebook, which only recently cross the half a billion user mark and has attracted investments in bulk from its advertisers.

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image thumb19 Facebook.Me Goes To Facebook – Should We Be Prepared For The F log?

Remember the FB.Me saga that was supposed to be a Tumblr look alike? Well that project might still have some life to it as Facebook grabbed the Facebook.me domain from Amjad Abbas, an individual based in the United Arab Emirates.

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image thumb8 I own Facebook And Zuckerberg Will Be My Employ! WTF!

I talk loads about Facebook on Startup Meme and often I have to skip reporting things primarily because the posts become too opinionated and are against the interest of our readers but this qualifies for the WTF tag. There is a man springing to his feet claiming he owns Facebook. Paul Ceglia, a New York based individual claims he owns 84 percent of the social network and even filed a lawsuit against Facebook CEO, the equally retarded Mark Zuckerberg.

The story is pretty fascinating where he tailors quite a story of coming across a contract which he signed with Mark Zuckerberg back in 2003, something he totally forgot. Further, he has pages of email conversations that he can use as evidence [err how long does it take to create these fake emails by the way?]. Other than stating he thinks Zuckerberg is an impossible person to deal with and that he can’t keep commitments. Feel sorry for Mark and I am guessing Ceglia is one of those persons who keeps his words and is spot on, I mean why would someone then complain about another man’s sincerity.

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image thumb 5 Tips On How To Be A Power Social Networker

There is no shortcut to learning and experience always help you find the right answers, methods, etc to succeed and better plan for. It even includes building up a reputation and gaining the trust of those around you. Especially on the Web, where your activity online is your only true representative. I will be sharing a few tips on how to possibly build a healthier online reputation the various social networks you are a part of.

Before I continue, let me clarify that these tips are not social network specific and apply to everything and anyway you connect to people.

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image thumb55 Compiling Public Data Isn’t Hacking: Facebook’s Strategy Exposes Public Information of 100 Million Users

I was up talking to a friend a couple of days on how writing about Facebook was the biggest pain in life and the adverse psychological problems it got me into. But you can’t help not talking about it, given that the third of everyone online is on the social network. Plus Facebook has more to do with simply connecting people, its more to do with their lifestyles and their privacy, which is the biggest concern.

I had been reading about the latest turn of events on Facebook about Ron Bowes making user data publically available. That data was of over 100 million users who are a part of the social network. But before I proceed let me state that Ron Bowes is not a hacker in my opinion. Why? Well

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image thumb49 Facebook Integrates A Pointless Change: Divides Updates Into Status, Ask A Question, Photos And Links

In its latest frenzy to personalize and get more popular with its users, Facebook has finally rolled out Questions. What good is it? Primarily worth nothing, simply gives a new word or phrase to the status updates and ensures maximum user participation, the idea simply put is about divide and better engage users of the social network.

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image thumb46 Beware The Shocking Video Bug Sucking Up On Facebook Users!

Bug, scam go away

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image thumb37 The Out OF Facebook Experience: Mark Zuckerberg To Appear On Simpsons

500 Million Users, a Hollywood movie on The Social Network minus all the controversies, Facebook and its CEO and Founder are having a ball. Mark Zuckerberg is set to leverage all sorts of media to have his presence felt. We will most definitely be seeing him in an episode of Season 22 of The Simpsons. What is it about?

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image thumb36 Is Facebook Down Or Something: Static Links On The Home Page

Celebrating the crossing of the 500 Million user mark, it appears that the social network is having some issues. Perhaps it is readying to introduce something new, I say so for I have been unable to access my Facebook profile for almost half an hour now. I have no idea why is this happening but its saddening.

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