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image thumb27 Valentine’s Day: Love It/Hate It Groups On Facebook image thumb28 Valentine’s Day: Love It/Hate It Groups On Facebook

Valentines Day. It ended much earlier and to be honest I have nothing worth sharing at all at the moment regarding the day except for a few stories here and there. The restaurants were flooded with the air of love. Back on my desk I just did a search on Facebook for the Valentines Day and the leader was the Valentine’s Day Application followed by Love Sucks at number three.

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image thumb26 Tools: Useful Facebook Plugins For Your WordPress Blog

I was just looking at our fanbox of our Facebook fan page at Startup Meme and I just thought how many plugins are actually there that you can use to integrate Facebook with your blog. Our blog is based on WordPress so I began with my search for WP plugins for Facebook. Isn’t WP the most popular publishing platform for blogging right now?

I am sure there is a whole list of plugins out there that you can use. I will however share a few of those that let you integrate your Blog on WordPress with your page on Facebook:

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CropperCapture34 thumb Microsoft Set To Fish Happy Aquarium From Facebook Developer, CrowdStar

There is so much Microsoft looks forward to when it comes to Facebook that the giant would do anything to have more stakes in the social network. It already has signed up Zynga to bring its game on MSN live and today rumors of it buying CrowdStar surfaced too. CrowdStar is one of the leading game developers for Facebook games and its most popular game is Happy Aquarium with more than 26 million active users per month.

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image thumb25 Find Out If Your Partner Is Cheating With iBot Monitor.. Especially On Facebook

At times the right news comes in at the right time. I was today doing a bit of research on how the Internet Addiction is affecting, the young and old, men and women alike. The most intriguing part was the issue with relationships online and how partners are often found having affairs on the Web, especially social networking sites like Facebook, there is such an abundance of couples indulging in methods of deceit, etc. I can bet many of the partners who happen to be on the social network keep an eye on each other’s profiles for any double crossing activity.

Capitalizing on this level of mistrust, BrickHouse Security’s Stealth iBot Computer monitor has seen a surge in sales by as much as 250%. The tool comes on a USB device and installation of this is only about a couple of seconds. Once installed, the tool captures screenshots of all activity that a user performs on the system. The number of screenshots it can take is up to 10,000, which I guess is more than enough for you to make all sorts of allegations or even file a lawsuit against your lover.

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image thumb24 Facebook Adamant At Keeping User Data Public, Despite Warning From Law

You are bound to attract attention from Law as you get famous or grow more prominent. We have seen it happening on the Web with giants like Microsoft and Google and Facebook as well, to name a few. Today however the largest social network fell prey to law enforcement agencies in Europe and the reason being that Facebook lacks better privacy options for children.

European commissioner for information society, Vivian Reding stated that Facebook should make its privacy options for kids more safer. The idea of a law institution taking the talk up to the social networks and surprisingly enough more than two dozen of the social sites promised to improve their settings. Each one except for Facebook. The demand of the commission was that it wants all profiles for kids on such sites to be private, especially Facebook which offers too many options for privacy.

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image thumb23 See How Bad Habits Would Impact Your Looks In Future With MirrorMe Facebook App

Ever wondered how you would look ten years from now? Come on, everyone thinks of this every once in a while and that is exactly the reason why you would eat healthy, stay fit to preserve those good looks. Just in case if you do feel an urge to see how you would look in the future you can use Mirror Me. That is another idea being turned into an application on Facebook.

So how exactly does it work? Well firstly don’t consider it to be Nostradamus and begin believing its prediction. Secondly it works pretty fine with what you provide it with. A picture of yourself, added with the bad habits that you have, the result is a much deformed you. Don’t be surprised at all if what you see is a very horrific self, especially if you have bad habits which all doctors warn you of. Now the app isn’t something that will keep you engaged, which would make it a huge flop for the Farmville fans out there. It’s more like those one time use apps, which let you have a good laugh with your friends and family members.

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CropperCapture33 thumb Facebook Chat Comes To AOL’s AIM

Why is it that all of a sudden everyone has started to rush in over to Facebook? We reported of Microsoft pushing out its Silverlight Client for Facebook and big names like HP, Best Buy and Intel joining hands to roll out Skateboarder. An more recently the abundance of virtual gifts exchange before the Valentines Day thanks to Zynga. Earlier today, AOL stepped in with its bit of Facebook-ishness with integration of Facebook Chat with AIM.

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image thumb22 Valentines Day Fever Catches Fire On Facebook With Virtual Gifts Everywhere

No matter how stupid I find the idea of virtual gifts or how much I am against these, one thing is for sure, people would continue to add value to them on the Web. Oh, lets put it more correctly; on social networks: Facebook. We have seen how the the value of anything virtual has grown over time and how valuable people find these. I hate to say this, but people really care what Farmville gift the receive from their friends and might even feel restless if they get none and beg everyone to send one. Zynga is definitely a leader with this.

All the love birds out there are waiting for the Valentines Day and Farmville addicts have already sent more cards in less than 24 hours than what have sent on Hallmark all year round. Sounds small? That number is around 152 million. What exactly is the dimension do these addicts belong to? Does time pass on very slow? Is each hour for these Farmville fans equivalent to a  hundred hours of non-Farmville addicts?

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CropperCapture32 thumb Buzzing In On Facebook: Google Steps In Social Network Scene With Google Buzz, All Loaded With Features

Here comes the buzz from Google as the industry giant takes on social networking and more importantly Facebook with Google Buzz. Alright it is definitely not going to kill any of the existing social networking sites that exist present day but it will be more than effective for email addicts. Think of having to socialize with the countless email users you have added on Gmail over time and since it comes built on Gmail, it already has location features with Google Latitude. A wow product worth being a user of, plus it already has a mobile version to begin with.

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CropperCapture31 thumb You Can Keep Yourself Out Of Apps And Games Dashboard On Facebook: Only If You Are Sherlock Holmes To Discover These

I have all the praise for Facebook, from being the leading social network that has mashed up every aspect of networking into one platform to being a tool for brands to keep consumers occupied. But there is one thing I seriously dislike about it: it is so very secret. Secret about the most important issue: User Privacy.

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