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image thumb72 Facebook Presence: Let The RFID Take Charge Of Location At f8 [is this a part of Facebook Location?]

Talk about being hi-tech. Facebook has taken identification pretty seriously as the social network has given each of the attendees an RFID fitted badge and if I am not wrong it is all a part of the Facebook Presence thing the Web is ringing with. If you are at the conference you can simply enter the Tag Number on the Presence Page and have it connected to your profile.

The idea has obviously been used at many conferences almost everywhere. But the platform is utilizing the same to help you Tag yourself in the photos, link to Pages and almost any other activity you are busy with. The idea is to remove the need to get to a computer to post updates or share your activity, whenever you tap the tag or swipe it. Sounds interesting, I mean who has the time at these conferences to actually do simply things like tagging on a computer? There are more important things to do and keep an eye on.

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image thumb71 Facebook f8: If You are Lucky Watch It Live Stream at Feightlive Or Follow Updates on Twitter [#f8]

If reading about the f8 on a blog appears to be slow and time consuming you can have a richer experience with the Feightlive App for Facebook. You can watch the Live Stream, read Live Blog or simply chat with other f8 enthusiasts. Other than that if you are bogged down with a snail paced Internet connection simply head over to Twitter and follow all updates at #f8.

I was having this conversation earlier today with my colleagues about how we live in a totally revolutionized world. Things have become far more convenient. Think of it, how many of us could have been cursing of not being able to make it to the f8 conference? Almost everyone who cares about it, you couldn’t have done that 2 years back but now its catching all the flames. I personally think soon they would start charging for this, a very meager amount but they will. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of a live audience at events such as these?

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image thumb70 f8: Facebook Presence – Every Activity On Facebook [Isn’t That The Obvious Plan?]

Doesn’t that picture say everything about the plans the social network has about sharing your activity? I have kept out Facebook purposely from the sentence because we are all already so much into sharing our activity on the social network that it has become quite default. The idea now is to get everything you do online over to the platform. Which is why you will have a global Like across the Web and Facebook Connect on almost every page you visit.

The f8 is just about to start and we are waiting what big things are set to roll out. Stay tuned to Startup Meme as we try to bring you as much as we can from the Conference itself.

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