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synthPond 2.0 Tutorial from zach on Vimeo.

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USB 3.0 is here!!!!

img 3160 usblogo thumb USB 3.0 is here!!!!

The USB Implementers Forum, announced the USB 3.0 which has data-transfer speeds of up to 4.8Gbps — 10 times the speed provided by USB 2.0.

The new standard, also known as SuperSpeed USB, is also expected to be more power-efficient than its predecessor.

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9662 g1flash thumb RIM, Nokia, and G1 to Get Flash, IPhone Get’s a hike

Adobe unveiled a new version of mobile version of Flash which is leaner, faster, smart phone-aimed version of Flash 10.  The new version is optimized for ARM processors like the one used in the iPhone.

But Steve Jobs and Co are feeling hesitant to put it in the IPhone meanwhile Google’s G1 and future Android smartphones will likely soon be getting the update, either over the air or in Google’s store. 

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image thumb216 Glam Media Application Platform now open to allGlam Media has decided to pull out its application platform, Glam Apps Platform from private to the public. The apps created from this can be easily integrated into web sites with additional options to customize them as users find appropriate. The platform has been built with Google Gadgets and supports both the OpenID and the OpenSocial and is itself open to all. The service is pretty synonymous with SproutMixer that we had earlier covered.

Glue comes to the iPhone

Glue for iPhone from AdaptiveBlue on Vimeo.

Glue for iPhone is a free application that lets you enjoy Adaptive Blue projects. Now you can use the application while on the go and access the information stored in the Glue Network. The application not only shows your liked but also the favorites of your friends. To access the information from the network, you can use three buttons which are:

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iFun Golf from SGN AR on Vimeo.
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facecall Wuonm releases iPhone speed dialer app FaceCall containing contact’s faceMadrid, Spain based company Wuonm has released a speed dialer app for the iPhone, FaceCall. The app puts the image icon of your contact on the home screen of the iPhone. The application is best for one touch dialing and you can add as many icons as you want. You can easily create an icon by following three steps:

iphone doom1 Apple’s iPhone aiming to conquer gaming market? Lookout Nintendo & Sony

With Apple’s iPhone being the craze of the current generation, its App Store remains the center of attraction. At the time of its launch App Store’s one third of apps were games, and the majority continues to be on the growing end. Now Apple looks to disturb Nintendo and Sony’s mobile gaming efforts – if it were unbelievable before, believe it now! Sega Corp. and Id Software Inc. are two of the gaming companies that are putting the money in new iPhone games as currently 2,000 games are available on the App Store. And with the phone’s touch screen and relatively powerful graphics screen, why not? U.S. President of Sega, Simon Jeffrey, was quoted as saying:

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OpenTable now on your iPhone

image thumb207 OpenTable now on your iPhone

We had earlier talked about OpenTable coming to the mobile world, a service that lets you make reservations via your cell phone. Today it has announced the launch of its application for the iPhone. There are definitely many apps that enable users to find out the restaurants nearby, but OpenTable steals the show as it lets one make reservations directly from the iPhone. The app will definitely make it big especially with those who just need to have a reservation made with a touch of a button. The app comes without any price tags and can be downloaded from the iTunes.

video868b41b5588e1 Like Chromes Tab Tearing – Here comes Firefox with it…

One feature that made a lot of impact when chrome came into the market, was it’s beautiful idea of Tab tearing, meaning that you could pull out any tab of the window and make it into it’s own Window. Drag one tab from widow to another window seamlessly.

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