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image thumb19 iPhone 5, iPhone 4S And The iPad 3 Are All Coming Next Month–Talk About Insane Rumors, Bah!

Can someone pass me a trash can so I can dump these rumors once and for all? Seriously there is just a bit too much of iPhone all across the web and the rumors are now turning from interesting to downright unbelievable and worse; boring. The latest round of rumor has gone the limits to state that Apple will be releasing not just the iPhone 5 [and the iPhone 5 unboxing], but the iPhone 4S, a cheaper version of the iPhone 4 based on the CDMA technology and the iPad 3. Now if only has Steve Jobs has lost it, we might actually see this happen, but Steve Jobs is sick, not losing his sanity.

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image thumb18 iPhone 5 Unboxing Video–A Very Fake One Indeed

You seriously can’t blast my hopes off with this ugly piece of crap being unboxed with the box boasting to home an iPhone 5 and then reveal an equally ugly and ancient iPhone model. This is more like a cross between the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 5 rumored designs. In short a mutated piece of crap.

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image thumb16 As Release Of iPhone 5 Comes Closer More Images Surface

Wow, that is all I can say after seeing what could be the next iPhone 5 in the images shared by Macrumors a day back. Its different, looks more appealing, large and the screen for once is bigger that the tiny ones on the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and all previous generations of the iPhone. Call me being over excited or something but if this happens to be the design for the next iPhone release, I am definitely buying one.

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image thumb6 iPhone, iPad Have The iOS 5 Beta 5 Release Available For Download

Developers can now get their hands at the latest build of the iOS 5 beta 5 which is now available for them to download at Apple. It was only a a couple of weeks back that Apple had released a beta for the iOS 5. We aren’t aware as to what new features will this beta release be bringing for the users but it will definitely have some additions along with the bug fixes.

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image thumb4 iPhone, iPhone 4 Jailbreak Guides Listing

We have long been out of the latest news regarding the Jailbreak and the unlocking of the iPhone and other iOS devices. Before catching up on all the latest news in the same category we thought it would be better to do a roundup of all the tutorials, guides and how to jailbreak iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch.

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image thumb3 iPhone 5 Image–Is This The Real iPhone 5?

Now seeing an iPhone lying on a table might appear to be a show off of some cheap replica but someone toying with it makes one think of it being the real deal. Well, of some sort at least. We have been reporting about the iPhone 5 quite a lot in the last few days and today an image added more to the spice of the iPhone 5.

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Pwnie Awards 300x126 Jailbreak Experts Rewarded Pwnie Awards 2011 For JailbreakMe 3.0 And A Geohot Rap SongThere is a different kind of mention about key players of the Apple Jailbreak community and this time it isn’t them discovering a new exploit to help you jailbreak your iPhone, iPod or the iPad. Today two of its best known names were awarded titles for a slightly different purpose or achievement, at least one of them.

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iPhone 5 Apple 300x178 iPhone 5 Has 10 Million Units Shipping In SeptemberLeaked images of the iPhone 5, reports on the delayed release date of the iPhone and more rumors, The most recent news is that Apple has laced orders for 10 million pieces of the next generation of the iPhone. The report also reveals the manufacturer to be Taiwan based Pegatron Technology. The shipment will begin early next month.

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iPhone 5 Images of iPhone 5 Leaked, Could This Be The Real Deal?Some say the iPhone 5 is delayed till October, others claim that the iPhone 5 is already on sale in China [which is obviously a rumor]. One of the leading tech blogs however has some images of the upcoming iPhone and from the looks of it, it appears as a cross of the previous models of the iPhone; iPhone 3 and iPhone 4.

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iPhone 51 iPhone 5 Not Coming In September

No matter how many times one posts on the iPhone or how many times you have read news on this anything that has the name grabs attention. The one associated to the upcoming iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4S whatever it is called aren’t new either. Reports as of now state that Apple fans won’t be getting the iPhone 5 in September and that the launch will be delayed till October. Well this isn’t a long delay to get others worried since the last date was expected to be the end of September. Read More »