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cash thumb1 Apple buys more shares in Imagination Technologies

Apple is pushing its stake higher in Imagination Technologies as it bought 2.2 million more shares. The shares were brought for $2.35 a share, meaning that Apple spend close to $5.17 Million. Intel made similar moves earlier as it bought around 5 million shares, pushing its stake in shares to 13%. While this would simply mean like a usual move but reports state that this happened because a Saudi group Saad had to lessen its  stake in the chipmaker as its accounts were frozen by the Saudi Central Bank.

image thumb128 Apple doesnt want the Green coming with Porn.. rejects Hottest Girls

While the news about Apple letting porn stuff through on the App Store might have surprised a few and made other rejoice, Apple was quick to spill water over  it. In less than a day, Apple has rejected one such app, Hottest Girls from the store. Perhaps the app just got overboard with naked women and enjoyed the burst while it lasted. No more sweating over the hottest girls on your iPhone.

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image thumb125 iPhone sees the Green in Porn, puts Parents in control and accepts apps

Every developer is making money for developing apps for the iPhone on all concept, from those on music to those that fart then why should the porn industry be deprived of this? Apple had previously done its best to keep them away from the store and must have earned a lot of respect from concerned parents but that’s changing. With the new iPhone 3.0 SDK having paternal controls, Apple is putting all the responsibility on adults and parents and giving the adult industry a chance to make money as well as for itself as the app; Hottest Girls climbs a ladder and now has pictures of named girls. The app is available for $1.99 and you can buy it if you are 17 years of age at least.

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image thumb119 HTC Hero, will be the first Android based device to have Flash, iPhone you can continue sleeping

I guess Apple has some serious issues with Flash and vice versa as it appears that the iPhone might probably be the last hardware to have Flash running. Keeping that aside for now, HTC is all set to be the first cell phone manufacturer to bring Adobe Flash to the Android. This would make HTC to be among the first devices to let mobile users have complete access to web content based on Flash. The new device from HTC, HTC Hero will come loaded with Flash Lite 3.1, which will make it more interactive and have access to more than 80% of the online videos based on Flash. You can watch this in action here.

image thumb112 Fonolos deep dialing comes to the Android based phones

I always try my best to not contact customer care service of the large companies to report my problems, primarily because I hate to hear that voice shouting out what number to press to contact a particular officer. Isn’t there a more direct way? A way where I can directly contact the concerned person and move along? Well there is Fonolo, with its deep dialing feature. Simply browse through its directory on the website for the company you need to make a call to, browse and select the particular department you need to contact. You will be prompted to enter your number and once that is done your phone rings and you are connected to the right person. What’s more interesting is that you can make use of its app for the Android and do so directly via your phone. Simplifies all the problems and the agonizing moments you have to wait to get connected. That’s not it, Fonolo also offers a very new call history and notes about the calls you have made. Calling the startup useful will be undermining what it’s really worth and I happy that Abdur Binrsheed, Craig Gardner and John St. Jon have done a great job to bring it from the web to the Android based phones.

image thumb106 goPostal: The iPhone app that lets you take a snap and send a Postcard

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image thumb99 One Million iPhone 3GS sold over weekend

Apple repeats it once again, the weekend sales for the new iPhone 3GS have crossed one million units. The company had sold the same number of its iPhone 3G last year. This isn’t surprising as the device has all that a user would demand with more than 50,000 applications and more coming every other day. Along with that its iPhone 3.0 software has been downloaded more than 6 million downloads.

image thumb81 Palm Pres dreams of iTunes Sync are short lived, hints Apple

Palm Pre had been boasting about its ability to enable users to sync their device with iTunes. But that might not last for long as Apple has taken notice of this and has stated that such technical breakthroughs are short lived. Meaning that if such a thing work outs presently, any update to the iTunes would render all such integration useless. Although it hasn’t been specific about Palm Pre, but it’s obvious that it made a mentioned of all such third party media devices. Well if this turns out to be true, the Palm Pre is going to have problems selling the devices.

image thumb61 Apple already biting success off Safari 4: 11 Million downloads in three days

It has begun again, wait, I guess the browser battle never really ended. Presently Apple reports that its browser, Safari 4 has been installed more than 11 million times in less than 72 hours of its release. There many claims associated with the browser, especially when it boasts about loading pages 3 times faster than Firefox. Each of the browsers are trying their best to grab the title of being the both the fastest and efficient. I am no which one is going to grab the lead over time, but the most promising browser right now is definitely Google Chrome, it might not go past Firefox or the Internet Explorer, but it will definitely climb ranks faster to have a very prominent presence in the op browsers list. Oh and there is one more thing, reports state that more than half the Safari 4 downloads (close to 6 million) were of the Windows version.

image thumb49 iPhone Social Gaming Platform, OpenFeint to launch version 2

Aurora Feint appears to be making inroads with its gaming platform for the iPhone, OpenFeint. The gaming platform pulls in quite a lot of developers and seeing its growth, Aurora Feint will be launching version two of its platform. With the release of the second version, Aurora Feint plans at becoming the default social gaming platform for the iPhone. Apart from this the news also states Netanel Jacobson will join its advisory board. Netanel was formerly an exec at Facebook.