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If there ever were a video/animation to best describe the present Steve Jobs / Apple story this one from Japan is set to be a winner. Super cool, especially the last part when Jobs chops off the iPhone user’s fingers to resolve the signal issue and how they are hooked to AT&T. Quite some Apple thrashing I must say, is this winning a nominee for the best bashing video?

image thumb33 And The Biggest Whiner Is.. Apple For Its Continued Whining Over iPhone 4 Antenna / Death Grip

Alright, there is a new battle raging through the mobile world thanks Mr. Once Perfect; Steve Jobs, who took the stage to address with the iPhone 4’s antenna issue. The CEO, much to our surprise was open to allege the grip of death that causes all mobiles to lose signal strength. The death grip is nothing but how you hold your phone and the brave Steve Jobs highlighted similar problems with smartphones like: the BlackBerry, the HTC Droid and even Nokia.

Apple highlighted the E71 losing signal strength if gripped inappropriately while Nokia in reply stated there is no such issue reported. I agree with Nokia, have been using the device for almost a decade now and never experienced a drastic signal drop owing to handling of the device until today. I just thought that I must give it a try by holding the device in a manner Apple highlighted and yes, the signal strength did drop, abruptly from 7 bars to 1. This was tested with the Nokia E71, the E63 [took a lot of effort for one bar to drop] and another phone from China by the name of Q-Mobile, all three devices had a signal drop, but, I was holding the phones really tight from the bottom area, the way no mobile user would hold his or her phone. I tried doing the same with the iPhone 3G and it didn’t register a signal drop.

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image thumb27 Apple To Bring The iPad In Nine More Countries, Coming Friday

I have been reading about Apple ever since the famed controversy over the lost iPhone 4, the raids, etc and the release of the iPad which, not surprisingly has created ripples around the globe. The device has sold over 80 million devices in a little over 3 months since its release and there is no stopping it. Today Apple announced that it will be releasing the iPad in another nine countries coming Friday.

The iPad lovers in New Zealand, Singapore, Ireland, Austria, Hong Kong, Mexico, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium will be able to purchase the device directly from Apple’s retail stores in their respective countries. Although Apple had been selling the devices to customers outside the United States since May, putting the devices directly at local stores would make life easier for the clients who have to either ask their friends, relatives to bring the device for them or pay extra price to get it delivered. The iPad has a lot to offer to customers with over 11,000 iPad Apps already swarming the App Store added to the many for the iPhone that can run on the device as well.

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image thumb69 Complains About The iPhone 4: Signal Loss, Yellow Spots…. This Isn’t Apple!

Could Apple be really this careless? Or has it really got over confident with the success it has achieved with its products the likes of the iPod, iPhone and the latest hit; the iPad. Clouded by all that, reports and user comments on various sites suggest that many users aren’t satisfied with the iPhone 4. Forget Retina Display, the 5MP camera with a flash, etc the device has some major issues.

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image thumb68 What Is It Like Owning An Apple Product!iPad 2 What Is It Like Owning An Apple Product!iPad 3 What Is It Like Owning An Apple Product!

Need I say more?

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image thumb62 2 Million In 59 Days Was Less, Apple Sells A Record 3 Million iPads in Just 80 Days

I shouldn’t even be reporting this given how successful Apple is when it comes to selling its products. Especially the last four years that have seen rocketing sales of the iPhone, iPod, MacBooks and what not. The latest inventory is the iPad and it’s sales are soaring. 2 Million was the record it set in the first two months and now it has crossed well over 3 million pieces in just 80 days.

That’s more than a million additional downloads in just 20 days. And it’s not just the piece of hardware which makes it a must have gadget, the value is further added by an already expanding database of apps, which currently has over 11,000 new apps taking absolute advantage of its larger multi-touch interface and an even better graphics. Of course that excludes over 225,000 apps in the App Store, most of those apps can be run on the iPad too.

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image thumb45 Apple Releases Mac Mini: Better Performance, Light In Weight And Gains $100 In Price

With the WWDC gone and the iPhone 4 hype still in the air, Apple today announced the all new Mac Mini. And before I go ahead with anything else, it is available for $699. The price has gone up from $599 of the last Mac Mini, something which has been termed as the only disappointment of the release. I somehow am not surprised at this, given there have predictions of Apple raising the bar on prices given how they have been able to sell there products like hot cakes, iPhone, iPad, iPods and the MacBooks.

The device is a unibody boasting at being the most energy efficient desktop computer. Other than that the device features twice the graphics performance, an additional HDMI port as well as an SD Card slot. It is quite compact, with a 7.7 inch square body and only 1.4 inch thick. The standard device priced at $699 comes with a 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 2 GB of RAM and 320 GB hard disk, all of which can be expanded thanks to the removable panel underneath. The RAM is expandable up to 8 GB and a build to order device can fetch prices up to $999. You can read more on feature here.

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image thumb32 AT&T And Apple Take A Slap As 114,000 iPad Users’ Data Gets Leaked. Thanks AT&T

Today more than 114,000 iPad users had their information leaked user data. Looks like the year 2010 has some sort of happening for Apple. I am not talking about the good side, for example selling more than 2 million iPads in less than two months or the great iPhone being revealed officially to the world at the WWDC. I am talking about the bad things so far, first there was the ugly leak of the iPhone4G by Gizmodo, then the perfection of the WWDC broken as the WiFi failed right when its CEO, Steve Jobs demonstrated the browsing in the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4 [HD].

The issue can be due to the flaw within the devices as well as the carrier, AT&T. A group of hackers, Goatse Security found a vulnerability as they made a Guinea Pig out of the AT&T website, exposing information about hundreds of thousands of users. The attack revealed user email addresses as well as IDs with which each one of them authenticates their accounts at the network. If the flaw was this big, I bet the number of victims might include all of iPad users.

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image thumb21 The Good, The Bad And The WWDC

With almost everything being talked about at length across the globe about the WWDC and what Apple has come out with, the conference had its flip sides to go with the highs. We have mentioned the highs with the in depth review of the release of iPhone 4 HD and the rumors of the Magic Pad but there were other things worth mentioning as well.

The most important is the WiFi fail at the WWDC. Steve jobs was demonstrating the browsing capabilities of the iPhone 4 HD and the iPhone 3GS when the wireless connection failed. We are all aware how carefully things are planned for Apple events and the level of intolerance Steve Jobs has towards errors but it happened, right in from of the audience, with the iPhone in Jobs’ hands. I just wonder what’s coming the way of the person responsible for this, God help him.

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image thumb20 The WWDC 2010: Apple [Re] Unveils The iPhone 4 [HD], The Keynote Was Quite Un Applish

The WWDC 2010, as always has seen a remarkable attendance. Many of us were obviously aware what is coming out this time from Apple especially since the iPhone 4G became old news after a leak by Gizmodo. But as is the case with Apple, it isn’t just about a device or two, the yearly event brings forth major announcement and the upcoming items from Apple.

There were speculations of the iPhone Verizon marriage earlier but that simply remained a rumor and Apple will continue to bundle the iPhone with AT&T. The pricing, well the iPhone 4 HD 16GB would cost you $199 and the iPhone HD 32GB would be available for $299. There is no price drop, which isn’t unusual given that the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS were sold like hot cakes across the globe and people continue to buy Apple products for whatever price they are available. Gladly enough Steve Jobs and his team was kind enough to not be greedy and increase the price.

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