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image thumb11 GreenPoisOn Continues To Tease But Will Hacktivate Your iPhone 4 On The iOS 4.1

I got a couple of messages regarding why am I so bent at writing about GreenPoisOn and hacking the iPhone 4 on the iOS 4.1? Primarily because it is the talk of the developer community and without a doubt the most anticipated. We are still unaware of when is this coming out for everyone, but tweets from the hack gurus state that it is coming. Some day, finally.

The latest addition to the series of updates include that the GreenPoisOn will not just jailbreak your iPhone but also hacktivate it. Which means you will be able to bypass the iTunes activation without loading your phone with a SIM card. This adds more expectations and makes this tool a must have for all those who can’t live with their typical, limited edition of the Apple iPhone [by that I mean you can’t run a huge number of apps outside the dimensions of the App Store].

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image thumb10 Want To See Someone Naked? Try PicBubbler A New iPhone App

I bet many folks around us have this urge to see a naked picture or at least come across one randomly. Let me be honest, it happens a lot of times with me when I search for relevant pictures for blog posts. While those minimalist pictures have been taken with the subjects explicitly required to be in those outfit [or without them]. But what about all those pictures in clothes, depicting decency? I mean there should be some way of adding some explicitness to these.

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image thumb3 Expect Android Running On The iPhone 4 Soon!

Now I almost always wonder what if Apple, in some seriously cracked state of mind decides to release an iPhone fully customized for the Google Android OS? I know it’s never happening but still. Haven’t you asked yourself when and how can you run Android on the iPhone 4? For those of you who are very new, you can already power your iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G and the iPod Touch with Android.

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image thumb 3D Movies Coming To iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android Devices

Say 3D once and you almost instantly feel you are talking about something cool [well at least kids in my neighborhood think so]. Cool or not good news is that all the iOS and Android powered devices will soon provide their users a great 3D experience.

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image thumb84 Deposit Checks Using Your iPhone, iPod Touch Camera With PayPal App

PayPal today made life easier, especially when it comes to making payments online. The e-commerce site today announced that it would accept deposits from users with their iPhone. Now that’s mobile payment in real and its dead simple.

What consumers can do is simply take a photograph of the check’s front and backside and submit the same. Your task is then done and PayPal would transfer the cash to your account. There is already an app that does it by the name of Square, but for every transaction you make it deducts 2.75 percent of the transaction. I am not sure as yet if the PayPal app would make any deductions.

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image thumb69 iPhone 4 Coming to UAE And Qatar But Without FaceTime

iPhone 4 is coming to Qatar and the United Arab Emirates soon, but not without a drawback. Apparently iPhone lovers in the region will be getting the iPhone but without the FaceTime feature to make video calls. This doesn’t come as a surprise as we had already been hearing that Apple’s iPhone 4 will be released in numerous countries international with FaceTime missing.

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image thumb68 GreenPoisOn For iOS 4.1 Coming Before iOS 4.2 Release, Will Jailbreak iPhone 4, iPad On New Firmware

The iPhone Wiki admin, Vincent recently sent out a tweet stating that the developers aren’t going waste time waiting for the iOS 4.2 to Jailbreak the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. We will very soon be seeing the SHAtter exploit based jailbreak for the iOS 4.1. The source is reliable in every manner as the source is what you would call an encyclopedia on iPhone hacks.

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image thumb67 This Is How You Propose Your Girlfriend With An iPhone [video]

Thee might be many a ways to impress or propose your beloved but doing so with an iPhone commercial especially made for this purpose is bound to win the heart. Well not sure how many of you have tried this, but

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image thumb66 Mexican iPhone Lovers Are Rumored To Get A Redesigned iPhone 4 [aka Minus Antennagate]

Rumor and Apple go hand in hand. It appears folks are actually paid to create rumors and somehow they always end up being true. Well this one won’t take long to be proven true or false. Telcel, the Mexican mobile Carrier just announced that Apple might actually be coming out with a redesigned iPhone 4 on September 30.

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image thumb18 Speed Test: iPhone 3G Running On iOS 4 And iOS 4.1

Performance is a top priority for any device and Apple has proven it beats many when it comes to the smartphone arena with its iPhone. I hate to say it being an Android fan but that’s the truth in many cases. Both the hardware and the software play an equally important role when it comes to the overall performance of the device. Apple released the iOS 4.1 with promises from Steve Jobs that the latest version would resolve many issues, primarily for the iPhone 3G users running on the iOS4.

Putting the software part to test, Lifehacker [thanks] shared a video on performance of the the iPhone 3G on the iOS 4 and the iOS 4.1 comparison. The video doesn’t really show a massive difference in performance but it some cases the difference is significant, especially when loading the maps. On others, like Photos, browsing on Safari, the speed difference is marginal and not really that great to make you drool over update. The winning feature with the iOS 4.1 is definitely going to be the fixes for other issues that many iPhone 3G users have complained about.

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