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image thumb12 White iPhone 4 On Verizon CDMA? Really?

There had been news on the white iPhone 4 being out of question earlier but at the same time, talks about the Verizon based iPhone have been in air. I am not sure about the CDMA based iPhone 5 from Verizon, but there have been leaked images of the CMDA based iPhone 4.

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image thumb6 How To Install Android On iPhone 2G And iPhone 3G [Jailbreak Only]

I at times feel like installing Apple’s iOS on my Android based HTC Desire but never really had the guts to try and commit a suicide [for any reason] but for those of you with an iPhone 2G or 3G can at least take a shot an installing Android Froyo on their device. Trust me it isn’t difficult as you expect and all you need is a jailbroken iPhone to have it powered by Android 2.2.1.

This method uses the Bootlace 2.1 and to make things simpler, know that it is only compatible with the following iPhone devices, the versions of the iOS and the jailbreak tools:

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image thumb92 How To Enable HD Video Recording On Your iPhone 3GS [Jailbreak Only]

We have already talked about enabling HDR on your iPhone 4 earlier and news has broken out for the HD Video recording coming to the iPhone 3GS as well. This would of course require you to have a jailbroken iPhone on the iOS 4.x.

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image thumb91 Rumor: Apple Might Be In Works To Free The iPhone Of Carrier Lock

I bet many of you iPhone lovers feel disgusted at how how Apple has stitched itself to AT&T ever since its release and why an iPhone 5 on Verizon Wireless will be a big welcome. While that’s still some days off there is another rumor. Apple might be planning to enable users to purchase an iPhone with the carrier of their choice.

Rumors are that the Cupertino is in talks with Gemalto, a SIM manufacturing company to provide customers with an integrated SIM card. This would allow consumers to buy an iPhone with the carrier of their choice. It will essentially let consumers select the carrier along with a data plan and activate the same via a download from the App Store.

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image thumb87 How To Activate FaceTime On iPhone 4 In Un Supported Countries! Needs A Jailbreak

For those of you with an iPhone 4 and left stranded for not being able to use the FaceTime feature since it is not supported, here’s a good news. Cydia has got a hack that will enable you to use FaceTime at will provided you have a Jailbroken iPhone. This would appeal more to our readers in the Middle East region.

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image thumb82 When Is The White iPhone 4 Coming? Never! As Apple Removes It From Online Store

There must have been quite a many of you who must have gone to the online Apple Store to see when is the White iPhone 4 ready to be on sale? Or when is Apple taking the orders? I bet we have been kept in dilemma over the White iPhone 4 since Steve Jobs actually took the stage and announced the fourth generation of the iPhone. Delay, delay and more delays before news finally breaks that the very image of the White iPhone 4 has been taken off the online Apple Store.

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image thumb76 Fast Copy For Your iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch Makes Copy, Cut, Paste A Speedier Task

There is nothing better than having the right tools and gadgets to make easy and less hectic for us all and just like a good engine oil ensures your machine moves faster, developers make sure they have the tools to make your gadget be more effective. We all know how late was the iPhone to get the copy-cut-paste feature, right? But lets not complain about the late arrival and talk about Fast Copy, a tweak that makes cut, copy and paste function on your iOS devices a much faster process.

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image thumb33 The Most Expensive iPhone 4 Costs A Whopping $8 Million! #WTF!

For those of you who buy an iPhone and it costs you an extra bit for a software unlocked one, I consider you all spending your money uselessly. Primarily given the fact that someone smart enough can readily jailbreak or unlock the device for quite cheap. Anyways, my disliking has got a lot less for those of you paying an extra $500 bucks for a factory unlocked iPhone 4, etc after coming across the genius of British designer, Stuart Hughes who has loaded your already expensive phone with Diamonds. And it costs a whopping $8 million! *gulp*

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image thumb32 Download Limera1n Jailbreak Tool For iOS 4.1 On Mac OSX

Geohot is making news everywhere, starting off with the annihilation of the GreenPoisOn release on October 10 with his own Limera1n Jailbreak Tool for Windows. That left a feeling of being left out amongst the Mac users. Good news is that Geohot has got kind enough to release the Limera1n iOS 4.1 jailbreak tool for the Mac OSX.

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image thumb25 Shattered Your iPhone 4 Glass? Don’t Worry! The iPhone 4 Glass Is 82% More Likely To Shatter Compared To iPhone 3GS

Much as I am beginning to love writing about the tips and how to’s on Apple about Jailbreak with various tools I equally enjoy Steve Job’s brainchild caught up in controversy. We talked extensively about the Antennagate and how low Jobs stooped dealing with the issue. The genius of the decade wasn’t really out of the Antennagate when bam comes another. This time it’s about the shattering glass of the iPhone 4.

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