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image thumb67 iPhone Apps, 100,000 and counting

It will not surprise anyone in any way: the apps for the iPhone have crossed the 100,000 mark. Now this is in no way an official number coming from Apple but App Shopper is pretty trustworthy as well and the actually numbers might very well be close to this estimate. App Shopper puts the number of approved apps at 101,751 and that number has jumped quite exponentially in the last couple of months. I bet Apple is going to reign supreme for quite some time to come. Any one betting on other platforms out there?

image thumb57 And now iPhone App would inform you how you score in Bed: Love Vibes

I am not sure how the audience takes this but if you have some sort of motion sensor technology in your iPhone to feel jerks and shakes and some clever developer can put it to use in an app it sounds great. Well someone has actually done so to let you know how good you are in bed loving. Available at the App Store for $1.99, Love Vibes lets you rate how good you really with your partner by ranking you between 1 and 10. It does this by analyzing the vibrations in your bed and then compared the result to the countless couples that it have been surveyed so far. Sounds quite.. God knows what, but I don’t think there’s any way you can actually mark your sex motions (sorry I don’t have any better word). I am not sure who is buying this, but who ever will, really wants to make sure what his rank is on bed.

image thumb35 Shake the iPhone to find your favorite place: MashSpots launches Shake2Find App

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image thumb3 Yammer finally gets a green at the App Store

Did Apple just let the whip lose and gave a green to Yammer? It did after all the time it stayed there waiting for signal to be available on the App Store.And I guess the wait pretty much worth it as it came with push notifications as it will let users know who sends a message across the network without the need to actually open the application. Plus users can also view items that have been bookmarked, liked, replies, etc and you can customize the notifications with sound notifications, etc added with auto saving, a section to view replies and view threads as well. Sounds pretty interesting and something worth all the wait for yammer fans.

image thumb53 Sakhr releases Arabic Language Buddy App for iPhone

Sakhr Software is doing everything possible to bring Arabic to the masses, given the popularity of the language itself added with the difficulty each has when it comes to learning the language and mastering it. The software firm has introduced its Arabic Language Buddy  for the iPhone and iPod Touch [link]. The speech enabled app offers translation from English to Arabic during live conversations that facilitates better learning and language assistance while you travel. A very innovative tool for learners. Other features include:

image thumb5 Flickr finally releases its App for the iPhone

I guess Flickr finally realized that the optimized website for the iPhone isn’t worth all the effort and had finally put out an iPhone app. The app went live today and makes Flickr more acceptable for the device. Previously it allowed photo uploads to the site via email, which was smooth but to be honest took a while. It lets you upload the photos using the button on the main page added with the slideshows. Despite all the improvements it offers, it still lacks letting easy share of photos on Twitter, for which you still have to adopt the email method.

image thumb28 $80 is what is spent on Apps by iPhone users

Now the Apps at the App Store are doing great and iPhone users are really spending cash to get all those useful apps there. A recent survey conducted on 1,200 users that use AppsFire service and its results were interesting. Perhaps putting the significance of the financial value of the App Store as each user spent about $80 per device. Now if this is an average spending from an iPhone, iPod users, one can only guess what’s the App Store making in total cash value, more than $400,000,000 in cash for Apple. Wow, no doubt the developers are using every bit of their talent put innovation out there. And if it’s quality you are giving, I bet people wont mind spending $1.56 on average.

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image thumb124 iTrends iPhone App: Discover Trending Topics on Twitter and know why they are Trending

Ever wondered what is the trending on Twitter looking at your iPhone, hoping for an easier way to keep an eye on that? Well stop trying to find and grab iTrends the new iPhone app. What it does? Well simply informs you what is the latest trending topic and why exactly is it trending? Apart from this it also lets you search for topics, save topics for tracking them later. And guess what, the App has been approved when Apple is busy banning many out there.

image119 Another iPhone App gets rejected by Apple: TweetPhoto, for another lame reason

I am not sure how easily does Apple accept applications on its App Store, but I am dead sure it will reject them for the slightest excuse. The latest to be rejected is TweetPhoto. The reason? Well the logo appears to be in some way a resemblance of Polaroid photograph. Bravo! And the ah so just team members accepted Polarize which even has a very close resemblance to the name Polaroid. I am lost here, Apple blocks one app for the iPhone for one reason but accepts another one which appears to violate their own rule more. Will someone please tell me what exactly is the policy behind all boot and lock game?