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iphone grab2 thumb Dilemmas – Apple’s new ad for its iPhone 3G Apple is out with an advertisement for its iPhone 3G product – Dilemmas, as it is called, features UrbanSpoon’s popular dining app. The app focuses on helping its users find the right place to eat, with a simple shake. The ad though highlights iPhone’s ability to provide a helping hand in solving all sorts of dilemmas. The commercial is pretty catchy and gets your full attention. Apple must have a pretty good marketing staff to churn up ideas like these, for example the background has been kept white, no flashy stuff, except for the iPhone 3G itself of course.

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image thumb53 Strands goes mobile; come to your iPhoneWith almost everything going mobile it appears that Strands, an online portal that brings all your web activity in one place has stepped on with the current trend. The service now makes way to the iPhone and iPod Touch. The service would enable users to do various things including updates on friends activity to checking out recommended blog posts.

Its good that a lot of web services are moving fast to the mobile trend and it is much more promising than it ever was. This would end up making the smartphones more powerful as users pocket the entire web world.

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snocator thumb iPhone GPS App: Snocater – Helps find you the way back on your Ski Trail

This new iPhone app helps you find your way on a ski trail if you ever get lost. Snocator makes use of GPS functions in the iPhone to make your skiing trip worthwhile without worries of, say at least not losing your way. The app also helps you get to the nearest lift, trail, etc from your current location. How? Well, it just so happens that the service says they have mapped most of the major ski areas in North America, and also snow reports, trail maps, and mountain cams for most of the world. The app will soon also include letting you find where your friends are, and let you map your actual skiing usage. While also, you can tune into cams and watch live coverage from a variety of resorts. That’s not it though, the app lets you check out where to eat, shop, and do more. Created by Useful Networks, it’s available at the App Store for $5.99.

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image36 Freshapps: The Freshest a.k.a popular apps for the iPhoneWith the App Store so filled with applications that finding the most popular or the latest in store is quite difficult. You might like being recommended one by a friend or go through news about each across the entire blogosphere. But for those who would love the idea of having one stop to learn of the latest and most popular in the store, than Freshapps to grab an app for your iPhone.

The portal lets you browse through the countless pages of apps or simply search using keywords. The results have a download link for each app just beneath its name, making the entire app grabbing thing easy. However the name is quite contrary to the real purpose as the front page focuses only on the most popular of applications and by that we want you to be prepared so that you aren’t surprised seeing ones like you’ve already had.

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