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image thumb41 BeeJiveIM releases Version 2.0 of its iPhone app

BeeJiveIM, the famous instant messaging app for the iPhone will be rolling out its 2.0 version for the iPhone. No matter what new features the update brings it wont be reducing the price by even a cent. The new features include ease of image transfer between the iPhone and the PC along with the ability to save speech notes, just in case you find typing in difficult and slow. Perhaps the best improvement is the active syncing it provides between your iPhone and the computer that ease address book sharing, file transfers, etc. The price is definitely way too much compared to other IM apps, but at the end of the day, IM addicts will find that the app is worth what it costs.

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Me2 – Bringing the Yesteryears Back

videod7b826d768aa1 Me2 – Bringing the Yesteryears Back

Want to remember the yesteryears of hearing the modem sound while connecting? Well a cool app dubbed me Me2, just went live on the Apple store today, enabling you to  send files between two iPhones and while sending those files hear those chirpy but memorable sounds again using modem technology.

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roxio toast 10 thumb Roxio’s Toast 10 Titanium: An all in one

Fresh in the market is Roxio Toast 10 Titanium – an all-in-one application that carries the functions of disc writing, file conversion, streaming media on your iPhone (over 3G) and is also able to sends video files to your Tivo. If that’s not a complete package then I don’t know what else is.

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image thumb36 iPhone will fart more than all humans combined if Fart apps keep farting in!!!!

I guess the App Store has got some serious thing about those Fart apps. Alright I admit those apps are selling like noisy/un-smelly farty cakes but still isn’t it craziness to have one after another coming up with iFart already at the top? No matter what it is, we have another one, the Fart Machine and it’s way too crude with not just sounds but animations to make it all too real. I wont say much on this one, I mean what the hell should I write about an app that farts????

eyefi homepage Eye Fi to officially launch an iPhone app at Macworld 2009

Eye-Fi, the maker of Wireless digital memory card, has made an announcement regarding the launch of an iPhone application. The new iPhone application will be launched officially during the Macworld Expo this week. Though the application will be available for free, it will only require an Eye-Fi card for the digital camera.

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Craigsphone from Next Mobile Web on Vimeo.
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Edge, an application from Mobigame, is expected to be launched on iPhone and iPod touch next week. The game will use motion sensors of the iPhone in order to function. Edge is already available on other platforms such as Sony Ericsson handsets, etc.

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image thumb8 Google had a hidden menu in its iPhone app all this time and we had no clue!

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safariplus Safari+ brings desktop browser features to the iPhone browser

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