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image thumb43 Unlock iPhone With RecognizeMe Using Facial Recognition – Jailbreak Only

So what keeps the countless developers out there form utilizing the power of the iPhone? The ability to jailbreak their iPhone, simply put. It often makes me think, rather believe that Apple uses the iPhone way too lesser than its true potential. Anyways coming to the latest news, RecognizeMe brings facial recognition feature to unlock their iPhone.

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image thumb18 Cydia Search Lets You Search Cydia App Store On Your ComputerFor all those with a jailbroken iPhone, Cydia is an absolute necessity for being the App Store for the jailbroken apps. I have in particular disliked how one can get lost searching through its categories for something you aren’t fully aware of where to find. That to on your iOS device like the iPhone, iPad or the iPod Touch. Think of the same being done on your desktop or your Macs, easy isn’t it? Well Cydia Search from Plant-iPhones is all about doing the same.

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Lets not make it sound clichéd by stating the obvious that a big brand has a giveaway planned this Christmas, Apple is one of them. Well at least the UK customers can feel lucky as Apple is going for a number 12 giveaway.

image thumb53 Apple Christmas Giveaway of 12 Free Downloads For 12 Days!

You heard me right. Customers in the United Kingdom will be able to avail 12 free downloads for a total of 12 days starting December 26, 2010 till January 6, 2011. This is for all of you with iTunes and all set to download free movies, music videos, books, apps and TV episodes to their favorite Apple device. These downloads will however be available for 24 hours only during each of the 12 giveaway days.

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image thumb142 Another Feather In Apple’s Cap: App Store Heads Past 250,000 Apps

It doesn’t surprise me to tell that the App Store has surpassed 250,000 apps in a little over 25 months since its launch. Those apps come from over 50,300 publishers/developers and are available for your iPod Touch, iPhone and the iPad. So I guess this one is going to be an essential part of the next week music event from Apple which might also include the announcement of the fourth generation of the iPod Touch.

Coming back to the topic. Those apps include both free and paid ones ranging across a wide variety of categories. The lions’ share of this goes to Books that have 17% share, followed by games [14%] and entertainment [11%]. That’s quite high given that the over 70 % of the apps are paid compared to over 60% apps on Google’s Android Market being free.

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image thumb118 Google Mobile Gets An Update: Adds Push Notifications To Gmail And Calendar On iPhone

Google has just tweaked its Google Mobile App for the iOS with the addition of Push notifications for both the Google Calendar and the Gmail. With this, users will be able to set configurations on their iPhone to turn notifications on.

Upon receiving updates or notifications for the email and a popup alerts for your Calendar, users will be prompted on the Google Apps. The push notifications, especially for the Gmail aren’t new and have been available for almost a year now. But that required a lot of work; setting your Google account with one on Exchange ActiveSync. Even that was kept limited as users could only integrate one Google account per ActiveSync, but with the coming of the iOS, this has changed considerably and push notifications might just make a life bit easier for Gmail lovers.

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image thumb10 FaceTime No More WiFi Only – Comes To 3G Via My3G For iPhones

I guess the best feature on the iPhone 4 that was boasted about at the WWDC was the FaceTime, the ability to have a voice conversation via the WiFi connection. This wasn’t available over your 3G primarily for the fact that AT&T’s data plan couldn’t allow that. Of course without seriously burdening your wallet. Many iPhone users would have cursed the unavailability owing to the fact that WiFi isn’t readily available and the numerous apps that do enable voice chat don’t really give in a great experience.

Welcome My3G, the app that lets you make FaceTime calls across your 3G network. However, you must remember that this app is only for Jailbreak iPhones. Of course there are risks involved with jailbreaking your device, but if the offer includes making voice calls and getting access to the countless many apps which are not available on the App Store, the reason is appealing enough to give it a shot.

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image thumb56 Lighted Mirror Transform Your iPhone 4 Into A Pocket Mirror

I guess the Snow White and the seven dwarfs were to be written in modern times and the old mean witch happened to use the iPhone, she would have gone about saying this:

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image thumb61 Create Newsletter For Your Facebook Fan Pages With NutshellMail

There is already quite a lot planned to happen for Facebook users, primarily the page administrators who can keep a better eye on what engages their fans the most. While that was something on the Facebook’s part, NutshellMail, the startup we had covered some time back is making a return with a new app.

The application works for fan pages on the social network letting you generate a newsletter for the updates on your fan page. So what exactly is the need for this? Think of it how many of your fans actually engage? Forget that, how many actually visit your page often or even in a week? Not all given the bulk of pages they actually have. With NutshellMail, things ease up a bit as the application would enable you create newsletter of the fan page and share it with your fans via email, which in some manner guarantees higher chances of engagement. The application works quite simply as the administrators can add the application to the fan page with an accompanying tab that reads Email Newsletter to promote it.

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image thumb19 Facebook’s iPhone App Emoti Is Now Bug Free

Good news for Emoti fans; the recent issues with its app for the iPhone that had been infected by a bug has been rid of it. The issue as reported now was due to Facebook turning off the old APIs across its platform. This action was taken on Monday and the issue followed the very next day.

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image thumb12 Apple Permits Push Notification For The New Facebook App On iPhone

At last the users of iPhone will have even lesser to complain about the Facebook app as it finally got the much awaited Push Notification feature. While the 3.0 version of the application was nothing short of impressive it did lose out on not having the feature. The major reason being that users had to keep the app running in order get updates but that will no longer be  the case.

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