image thumb26 Tools: Useful Facebook Plugins For Your WordPress Blog

I was just looking at our fanbox of our Facebook fan page at Startup Meme and I just thought how many plugins are actually there that you can use to integrate Facebook with your blog. Our blog is based on WordPress so I began with my search for WP plugins for Facebook. Isn’t WP the most popular publishing platform for blogging right now?

I am sure there is a whole list of plugins out there that you can use. I will however share a few of those that let you integrate your Blog on WordPress with your page on Facebook:


The plugin will bring Facebook feature to your blog and it utilizes Facebook Connect APIs. The plugin can be downloaded here and while it may not be the most up to date plugin available it helps you with the basic Facebook functionality. Users can login to your site using their Facebook account and at the same time have it appear on their pages as status, if they allow it to be published to their walls.

You can follow the tutorial here to know exactly how to go about it.


I personally liked this one for a couple of reasons. The first being it helps link your Facebook and WordPress blog in a way that your posts on the blog appear simultaneously on Facebook as well. The second important feature is that it lets comments appear both ways. Meaning if someone comments on the post on Facebook, it appears on the blog and vice versa. This is important as you don’t have to switch two way to keep an eye on comments and learn what your readers have to say. In short, you can keep all your conversation right where you need it.

Sociable Facebook Connect

This one is quite popular when it comes to having added functions. Apart from letting Facebook users comment on the site and share the blog posts on their Facebook profiles it also lets you view the most recent visitors to your blog with the help of a widget. To make it short, the plugin helps you create a community of Facebook users right on your blog. I am not using the plugin at Startup Meme, but I sort of like this one more, given that is a bit faster than WP-FBConnect when it comes to functioning.

You can watch the Video below to have an idea on how it actually works and download the plugin here.

At present I just found these worth discussing. I would be very pleased if our readers could let us know of more in the comments and what plugin are they using on their blog to connect with Facebook.