videoa24ac2033c84 Toksta – The revolutionary Web IM


Viewing and understanding brand new elevator pitches for funding is one of my favorite hobbies. Today I saw a brilliant elevator pitch that of Tokstat Toksta – The revolutionary Web IM, a browser-based instant message/chat client that can be integrated into most websites with only a few snippets of code. The service supports text, voice, and video (Flash is required for the latter two), and is free.

The site earns money via placing ads within the chat window and if you are thinking of making buck or two, you could also participate in the revenue sharing deal with the service as well.

One thing funny and which did amaze me as a stunt to use in a pitch was of giving away a free puppy to the first 10 users who sign up, via mail.

The idea is quite brilliant and using speech and video, Toksta could become a leader in web based IM service.

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