image thumb122 Toksta – An Instant Messenger for your Website. Toksta is a web based Instant Messenger for your social networking website. Using Toksta, the visitors to your website can interact with each other without having to join any chat room. It basically is an advanced shoutbox with webcam capabilites.

Toksta is a very straight forward and simple service to use. Just go to the website, chose your options in the wizard and click ‘Get Your IM’. You’ll be given the embed code to use on any website or blog you want. It works with all script languages and most forum software programs.

Even though it’s full of features, it’s 100% free to use for anyone. It offers your users webcam and voice streaming, which means your users will stay on your website for longer periods of time. There is also a revenue sharing option since Toksta is financed by advertisers. So you, being the publisher, will also get a share in the earnings. A white label version of Toksta is also available if you don’t want to run ads from Toksta’s advertisers and instead tun yours. For this they have to be contacted via email.

image thumb123 Toksta – An Instant Messenger for your Website.

Although, Userplane offers similar features for it’s Facebook like chat software, Toksta doesn’t stay far behind and also offers similar integration into your website. Also, Userplane provides just text chat, where as Toksta expands beyond the basic text option.

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