image thumb441 Tired of the same old Gift Packaging style…

It’s holiday season and well we all are sending gifts to our loved one’s everywhere. Often the gifts being nicely packaged, wrapped and with warm messages attached to them. But what if you wanted the packaging be done with a twist this time, something really absurd, something cool, something hilarious enough to make your loved one smile!!!

Firebox, is realeasing it’s CrapWrap service, which claims to be a solution for people who are bored of perfectly folded paper and exquisitely tied ribbon

The service horrendously puts crap wrapping paper on your gift, sticking it with a crappy parcel tap and slap on a crappy label. The service charges you £3.95 gift wrap option on purchases made till Christmas.

The idea is quite cool and I believe youngsters might be really attracted to  it but it’s also a fact that we are really bad “Packagers” ourselves, so why pay £4 for this