image thumb20 The WWDC 2010: Apple [Re] Unveils The iPhone 4 [HD], The Keynote Was Quite Un Applish

The WWDC 2010, as always has seen a remarkable attendance. Many of us were obviously aware what is coming out this time from Apple especially since the iPhone 4G became old news after a leak by Gizmodo. But as is the case with Apple, it isn’t just about a device or two, the yearly event brings forth major announcement and the upcoming items from Apple.

There were speculations of the iPhone Verizon marriage earlier but that simply remained a rumor and Apple will continue to bundle the iPhone with AT&T. The pricing, well the iPhone 4 HD 16GB would cost you $199 and the iPhone HD 32GB would be available for $299. There is no price drop, which isn’t unusual given that the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS were sold like hot cakes across the globe and people continue to buy Apple products for whatever price they are available. Gladly enough Steve Jobs and his team was kind enough to not be greedy and increase the price.

Coming over to the conference itself. Lets put things in perspective:

  • There is no Magic Pad, as had been anticipated and reported
  • The iPhone HD will support wireless keyboard
  • The shipment for the new iPhone will begin on June 21.

Now for the iPhone HD. The device is remarkable in itself and as always shows that Apple’s touch of perfection, firstly I am more than glad to see a more brick like shape to the device for I seriously hated the curvy design. Other than that a few features include:

Dual Camera: The main camera is 5 mega pixel with Flash and the secondary camera which had been eagerly looked forward to.

FaceTime: Video calls will now be possible on the device thanks to the secondary camera

More powerful gaming: With the phone being the first to have a three axis gyroscope along with the accelerometer, gaming on the iPhone will see new frontiers as the device gets much improved motion sensing capabilities.

I know rating the device on any scale will be sheer stupidity on my part so I will leave that to our readers to give their feedback. As for the WWDC itself and the Steve Jobs keynote, I would appreciate if attendants let us know how was this different from the traditional WorldWide Developers Conference.