The White iPhone has been the talk of the day for many days. The rumors have been ringing in loud since Steve Jobs first announced the release of the iPhone 4. There have been delays, change of launch dates and a cancellation altogether. Latest reports have however confirmed that the white iPhone 4 is not releasing this, not even on Christmas.

image thumb24 The White iPhone 4 on Sale in Spring… 2011

According to latest news Apple Stores in the US are featuring posters that confirm that the White iPhone 4 will be on sale for the consumers in Spring 2011. Yes you read it right, all those fans who have been waiting for some odd reason to buy the device can get in 2011, spring thought the final date of release remains undisclosed. Hope been given once again, wonder if Steve Jobs pulls this off at the last minute.

And one more thing, the White iPhone is not coming with Verizon. That’s what the poster reads. Other than that, aren’t we anticipating the iPhone 5 in 2011?

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